3 Things You Can Do to Remind Yourself You’re Alive

How do you feel when you think of strong tall coconut trees swaying leisurely against the backdrop of pristine blue skies, overlooking the white sandy shores of a tropical paradise?

A calm oasis of serenity, quenching your thirst for peace—lulling you to blissful surrender as you let go of all your troubles and live, unperturbed, in the now.

Relaxed. Content. Aware. Present.

These are all emotions that we characterize deeply with mindfulness. And yet when it comes to actively channeling them, we rely heavily on visualization techniques to reap their limitless rewards.

But why go to such lengths to remind ourselves that NOW is all we have?

Why do we get so immersed in the future, or dwell so hopelessly on the past, that we struggle to feel some semblance of gratitude for simply being alive?

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If you’re stuck in a rut, unable to see through the fog, drowning in a pit of despair or simply burned out—take a moment to try these small but powerful tips to find your center:

1. Place your faith in affirmations.

Affirmations are powerful triggers for your subconscious, reiterating messages of positivity to uplift your spirits and empower you to change your perspective from bleak to hopeful.

Whether you’re struggling with heartache or grieving some kind of loss, feeling uninspired or finding it difficult to raise your voice—choose a positive affirmation that’s relevant to your spiritual block and allow yourself to take control of your life.

Try the following several times a day, speaking confidently in a bold voice:

“I am joyful and at peace with myself. In this moment, I am free.”

“I am a child of miracle, gifted with the power to inspire others.”

“My heart is joyous, my mind is calm. Love is all around me, I will prevail.”

2. Exercise and eat well.

A healthy body is a happy body.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your heart, mind and soul is to feed them well. Ditch the greasy, lethargy-inducing stuff for unprocessed whole foods, rich in nutritional value, straight from the womb of Mother Earth.

Not a gym rat?

Don’t worry! The world of fitness is as vast as the ocean. Don’t swim towards the deep-end if it’s not your thing. Simply dip your toes in the shallow waters with gentle yoga, brisk walking, aerobics or some light skipping, and wrap up with a healthy protein-rich berry smoothie or calcium-rich apple.

3. Meditate.

No, you don’t have to attend meditation workshops, join a class or listen to endless recordings that tell you to “breathe and let go”.

Feeling alive is a process of self-empowerment—which means doing things that give you free rein to do as you please.

Practice mindfulness by simply learning how to control your breath, closing your eyes and exercising patience as you block out the noise around you and pay undivided attention to your body as it responds to the air inhaled and exhaled.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to indulge in dangerous, adrenaline-pumping activities to regain control of your life.

Make sustainable changes that help you realize your limitless powers, and allow yourself to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Let’s join hands as we walk together on the path to enlightenment. Support our mission to build a brighter future by wearing our awareness apparel and spreading the word!

Lisa Scholfield

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