4 Unusual Tips to Quit Smoking

In the age of legalized recreational marijuana, smoking something like a cigarette is obsolete. Quitting one’s smoking habit is no easy task. So, how do you go about it? Here are some lesser-known tips:

1. Know Your Triggers

Nicotine dependence is a real drug addiction. It mimics many characteristics that other forms of drug abuse demonstrate under the Law of Addiction.

Smoking releases end orphins in the brain, but overtime, this release decreases. In order to achieve the same effect, smokers need to consume more cigarettes.

This cycle keeps repeating itself, until a patient is thoroughly dependent on the substance, something that very closely resembles the characteristics of drug abuse.

Similar to substance abuse, smoking addiction also has the concept of ‘triggers’ involved. You should try to find out what your triggers are so that you can avoid them. While they vary from person to person, they are typically places, sensations, people, and activities associated with one’s smoking past.


2. Bury It

The first step in quitting smoking is to reduce consumption. That is why, in order to curb their temptations, many people choose to put a physical barrier between themselves and their cigarettes.

The intention is that if there is a barrier, they will not be able to access cigarettes. However, not any simple obstruction will do. There has to be a real effort involved to gain access to the cigarettes again; not just a lock and key.

Hence, the idea of burying the cigarettes at the bottom of a deep pot has risen in popularity. People need to go through extensive digging just to extract one smoke, and then bury all the contents. The intense efforts make it easier to gradually lay-off from the habit.

3. Acupuncture Helps

2Mitigating withdrawal effects for chronic smokers is difficult but necessary. If one does not master them, they are bound to relapse sooner or later.

You can get acupuncture treatment to stop smoking. That will gradually reduce withdrawal symptoms. Only the best physicians perform this. A prime example is Dr. Barry Green berg, an acupuncture specialist in Palmetto, FL. Contact the Acupuncture Center of Bradenton to learn more about his services.

4. Don’t do it Alone

Sometimes, all one needs is a little support to overcome cigarettes. That is why instead of quitting alone, why not try it with a friend or family member who is also suffering from the problem.

You will watch out for one another and will be able to support each other through this effort.

Take control of your life! Quit smoking today.

Lisa Scholfield

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