Social Media Tips for Motivational Speakers

Here are 5 Amazing Social Media Tips for Motivational Speakers

From our decision about what to wear, to our source of ideas on the interior décor of our house—it would not be wrong to suggest that social media is one of the major influencing forces in our lives.

With worldwide social media users reaching around 2.34 billion, the platform cannot simply be ignored. As a motivational speaker, you can employ the power of social media and market yourself more effectively. Here are 5 tips to do that:

Post One of Your Speeches on YouTube

If you think you have made some presentable motivational sessions in the past and have them recorded, it would be great to post them on YouTube.

This video must also be posted on your website’s video section. Seeing you in person, making a confident and eloquent presentation, will surely attract the audience in. Some of them may even contact you immediately.

Regularly Post Blogs

Whether you inspire people to become better leaders or incorporate positive psychology concepts, it would be a good idea to decide on a theme and post regular blogs on your website.

This will not only keep you in Google’s good books (Search Engine Optimization), but will also ensure that your audience remains interested in what you have to say. For this, you may have to carry out quite a bit of research. Additionally, you may have to display some extraordinary writing skills to capture reader’s attention.

Create a Facebook Page

The most popular and most widely used social media platform, Facebook has the power to keep you in the game or oust you altogether.

Having an active Facebook page will prove to be a good marketing tactic. From relevant research in your field to interesting Ted Talks, you can post a lot of stuff to make a favorable impression. However, make sure you keep it real and simple.

Go To LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social media platform for corporate professionals, is a handy social media marketing tool.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that everything you post will be taken seriously. If you can use this channel to your advantage, you may be speaking at the next corporate event in your area.

Create Podcasts

Creating audio recordings of your speeches and posting them on different social media channels will be an incredible social media marketing tactic. It will ensure that your audience stays updated on what you are recently talking about and will also portray your speaking abilities.

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