5 Photography Hacks to Get Better Shots

If forecasts are accurate, by 2019 there will be almost 104 million users of Instagram. The popularity of this particular social media platform has also turned a large number of people towards photography.

However, not all people take pictures just for fun. Some people are also interested in the creative side of photography. Here is a look at some tips which can help you improve the quality of your pictures:

Aperture Priority

Aperture Priority

The aperture priority on your camera is an effective tool which allows you to control the depth of your images. The depth of your image depends upon the width of the aperture.

A camera with a wide aperture will have decreased depth. As a result, the background will be blurred and the focus will be completely on your subject.

Go for a Mixture of Artificial and Natural Light

Natural Light

This is a little challenging but you should try to time your shot in such a way that there is a balance between the artificial and the natural light. This creates quite the striking image.

You can use a spot meter to get a reading from the artificial light as well as the sky. Adjust the artificial lighting according to the natural lighting in order to maintain the balance between the two light sources.

Use Camera Apps on Your Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Everybody has smart phones these days. There are people who prefer to use their cell phone cameras rather than going for DSLR cameras.

It is true that your cell phone camera does not offer the same kind of features that a DSLR does, however, there are certain apps available on the play store, which you can use to improve the quality of your images.

Some of these apps include:

  • Camera Plus
  • Camera Awesome

These apps have features like automatic timers, which can be helpful when it comes to timing your shots. They also allow you to separately set the exposure and the white balance.

Take Pictures from a Close Range

Close Range

Some people assume that taking a picture from a distance allows them to incorporate more detail in their images. Nothing wrong with that, however, sometimes zooming away can lead to confusion for the viewers who might not understand what the main focus actually is.

You aim is to tell a story with that image and sometimes, the simplest photos are the best ones. Keep in mind; less is more.

Find Patterns

Find Patterns

It is true that you need to have a certain degree of talent in order to take interesting pictures. That, however, is only one side of the coin. Photography is indeed something that you can learn. All you really need to do is pay attention to your surroundings.

Keep an eye out for patterns. Sometimes even the most mundane everyday items become interesting when you identify a pattern. Also, look for new perspectives. Not every photograph needs to be shot at eye level.

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