The 50mm is all you need as a Beginner for Amazing Pictures

Most people begin with 50mm as their first lens. This is the most common lens for new photographers to reach for and there is a good reason for this.

The versatility of this lens is a big reason behind its success and popularity. Let’s take a look at everything this lens is great for.


For many new photographers, this is the best thing to shoot. 50mm is a great lens for this work. 50 mm makes it easy to capture the two most important things about portrait photography: emotion and light.

Another great thing about the 50mm is that it produces a view that is as close to natural as possible.

Low Light

Most beginner photographers have problem with light, specifically dim light. 50mm lens has these capabilities at the next level. With a larger aperture, you can catch great light making it possible to shoot in low light conditions. Outdoor low light shooting is the best because even despite the low light, natural light makes ideal light for photos.


The best part about photography is the number of details that tell the story of the picture you are shooting. It captures details and sharpness, creating beautiful images.


Shooting landscapes as a beginner can be really tough. Wide angle lens is usually used to shoot photos. 50mm may not be a very wide angle but it is a great one, to begin with. They won’t give you the expanse you’re looking for but you can have beautiful results.

Makes you a better photographer

A lot of photographers reminisce about their old days when they put in effort into their work. Zoom lenses today have made things easier. They are definitely very important for sports event or weddings. 50mm lens makes you, as a photographer, work harder for that perfect picture.

If you can cover those feet, and take a better photo, or shoot from the different angle, the 50mm will allow you to explore these.

Other great things about 50mm:

  •    Perfect for mobile shooting. The lightweight nature of this lens, allows you to shoot amazing pictures on the way.
  •    Easy-to-afford for aspiring photographers.
  •    Versatile. Can be used with different events and lights.

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Lisa Scholfield

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