Becoming a Game Changer: 5 Qualities You Need

To become a game changer, one has to cultivate certain qualities within themselves. These are characteristics that are imperative in the path towards becoming a person that can step apart from the mold and challenge the existing norms.


Any speaker on leadership will tell you that in order to be an innovative leader, also being a game changer is a key factor. Leaders are in a constant fight against mediocrity and the mundane. To be a game changing leader, one has to be tenacious, committed, and self-aware. That self-awareness is what will allow you to build on the characteristics needed to become a game changer.

Clear Purpose & Meaning

Those who are determined to be game changing leaders have a clear sense of purpose – a distinct vision of their future and their ambitions. Developing a distinct purpose makes their professional and personal pursuits more meaningful. Investing one’s self into meaningful projects and directions that serve a greater purpose is what makes a game changer who he or she is.


Simplicity does not necessarily mean mediocrity. Some of the best game changers in any field are simple in their approach, focusing on realism, without any frills or frivolities. By being simple, a game changer can focus on the things that matter, such as putting plans into action with speed or being cost effective.

Article12Originality Abound

A game changer is one who brings originality into the picture. They step away from the status quo, even seeking to dismantle it completely. It’s all about innovation, not convention. Creativity, unconventionality, and originality all go hand in hand, and it is how game changers can truly change the game.

An Action Taker

Game changers make plans and take action – with speed and efficiency. The key to being a game changer is not only about the kind of plans you make but also about putting them into action. Changing the game all is about turning possibilities into realities!


By definition, being a game changer is about change – about transformation. A game changer has to be transformational, has to move forward the game, making it improve and evolve into something bigger and better.

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Lisa Scholfield

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