Building Grit – Some Ways to Practice Resilience

We have all faced adversities and difficult challenges in life. While some of us might get bogged down and lose hope; others stand up, brush their shoulders and keep moving.

If there’s one quality that differentiates the former from the latter, it’s that of grit. The good news is that we can all build and nurture this quality. Here are some ways how:

Keep an Optimistic Attitude

An optimistic attitude does not mean being in denial. Resilient people have this incredible ability to feel both negative and positive emotions. However, the difference is that they do not let negativity take charge of the situation.

Even in the midst of the harshest of circumstances, the key is to keep that positive energy flowing. It keeps you focused and on the right track.

Be Willing to Face Your Fears

From fear of public speaking to fear of trying new things, being fearful can be one of the most inhibiting factors in your life. Being in your comfort zone and avoiding your fears is the easy thing to do.

To build resilience and come out on top, you will have to face your fears head on. Once you do that, you will not only conquer your fears, but will also become more confident.

Keep Learning

Being gritty is about never giving up. Sure, you will have setbacks in your journey, but the key is to look at them as learning experiences.

All the hurdles and brick walls that you face will ultimately make you stronger. Make sure that you stay firm and keep tackling challenges as they come along.

Keep the Humor Alive

Humor plays a major survival function. It not only keeps the energies alive, but also helps in toning down the severity of the situation.

Engaging in a playful attitude and laughter is one of the key characteristics of resilient people. It helps them meet new challenges with a fresher perspective.

Find Meaning in Life

The energy to pursue a goal tirelessly comes when you are passionate about it. It’s as if people with grit are following their calling.

Whether it is caring for the old or finding a cure for cancer, resilient people have a specific purpose in their life.

There must be something that truly drives you. Finding your life’s purpose will surely make you work incessantly at it.

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Lisa Scholfield

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