Same Cake Different Icing – Your Path towards Complete Spiritual Awakening

Same Cake Different Icing is a smart and intelligent account of the psychological manipulation at play.

It helps us understand the pimp game and the underlying principles. Then, it shows how the same principles apply to the three most important aspects of life; religion, military and warfare. With vivid imagination and incredible insights, this book is written with a full heart.

Same Cake Different Icing will prove to be your path towards spiritual awakening. Here are some aspects about it that are great for your spiritual wellbeing:

It will make you Embrace and Appreciate Differing Viewpoints

The book provides a very controversial, and yet insightful, account of the art of manipulation. It instills a very different way of thinking – one that you might not have experienced before.

This is what makes the book so special. It disturbs you and puts you in an uncomfortable spot. It makes you think about your beliefs and question them.

It will help you Avoid Being Manipulated

Same Cake Different Icing provides a detailed account of the manipulation that happens in three most crucial areas of life. In doing so, it uncovers the tools that these manipulators have been employing.

It is only by understanding these manipulation tactics that we can hope to be free of them.

It Will Help You Get Out of Your ‘Comfort Belief’

We all have pre-conceived ideas and notions about life. These beliefs have been instilled in us since our childhood.

Same Cake Different Icing makes us question these pre-conceived notions. It makes us think about the hard questions in life.  

It Might Help You Answer some of Life’s Questions

The book is not just about the art of psychological manipulation. It also makes us question many existential questions that might be troubling us.

The idea is to stir critical thinking among readers. When people learn to think for themselves, they are on the right path of spiritual awakening.

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It Will Help You Get Closer to the Divine

The book questions manipulators in the name of religion, the middle parties that separate us from one true divine.

By helping break through these barriers, the book will help you understand the divine nature better and be one with it.

About the Author

The author is and has always been a free thinker. He has been writing about the ‘not-so-popular’ ideas for a few years now. Through his writing, he wants to expose people to new ideas.

Lisa Scholfield

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