Be Your Own Cheerleader: The Power of Self-Motivation

What’s the point of having cheerleaders around during a game? Two words: team motivation.

Cheerleading isn’t merely a spectacle; it’s a powerful technique used to boost team and fan morale by focusing on positive affirmations, using the mind and body.

Half the fun of watching a game is vocalizing your support—chanting a player’s name, rooting for your team in unison.

When you do this, you partake in a powerful form of team motivation that creates an atmosphere of achievement. Led by words of positivity and optimism, you awaken a can-do spirit among players, giving them a much-needed push to harness their inner strength and beats the odds.

You Ain’t Got No Alibi

This can-do philosophy isn’t confined to sports. We apply it every single day in our personal and professional lives, motivating ourselves to accomplish sometimes small, sometimes huge milestones that help propel us forward.

It’s cheerleading at a micro-level, and it works wonders when it comes to overcoming challenges that keep us from pursuing our dreams.

Consider something as personal as a major illness or injury or as professional as a large reduction in sales. You’re at a crossroads, confronted with the decision to remain resilient or accept the worst as your fate and close the doors to possibility.

Go Big or Go Home

It’s times like these when no amount of external support can help you as much your own internal voice—the voice that guides you to new, uncharted territories.

Through it, you can either be led astray to a bottomless pit of self-pity, or to new, unprecedented heights of achievement and glory.

Scott Burrows’ Vision-Mindset-Grit philosophy teaches us how to channel that voice of self-motivation and find the will to go on in times of crisis.

It is this very philosophy that led the former all-star athlete to make a miraculous recovery, stunning the medical community as he did the seemingly impossible by willing himself to walk again after being paralyzed in a horrific car crash.

By being his own cheerleader, Burrows not only recovered, but became an inspirational icon for athletes and dreamers, struggling individuals and working professionals—all of us,who seek the motivation to win.

Read more about Scott Burrows’ story of triumph and tribulation and discover how change management can help you win at the game of life.

Lisa Scholfield

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