How to Choose the Right Business Trainer Consultant or Coach

Are you sifting through options looking for that right partner who can help you start a new venture or streamline your current business?

Perhaps you need a business consultant to help you understand your weaknesses, boost performance or instill inspiration.

On the other hand, you might also be looking for a business coach who can make your team stronger and streamline the path to business and personal success.

Whether it is a consultant or coach, the return on this investment will only be as good as the individual you choose.

Not sure if you should go for a coach, trainer or consultant? Wondering how you can hire the right one?

Ask About Credentials

There are plenty of institutions giving away degrees and diplomas to people in every field imaginable.

Before you choose a trainer or consultant, ask about their credentials. Some credentials are far more valuable than others.

Do They Share The Same Experiences?

Would you prefer hiring a business consultant who has never run his/her own business? Similarly, you wouldn’t hire a trainer who hasn’t been part of the same training program before.

Make sure you discuss the situations you are facing at your organization and ask if they have ever experienced the same issues.

Consider What Others Think of the Professional

In the business consultancy and training/coaching industry, word of mouth is considered perhaps the most effective and relied upon way to create awareness about their services.

This means you will get solid opinions if you ask around. Their clients and other experienced professionals can give you a decisive answer whether you should hire a certain trainer or look for other options.

Is the Trainer or Consultant Selling Something?

Since many of the trainers today are affiliated with some sort of company or consultancy, this could mean two things for your specific needs. Either the consultants have an axe to grind—meaning their presentation may sway into something that’s not suitable for your company or turn into a parade of products you are not interested in buying. Or it could mean you can trust their ability to deliver actionable insight. Many consultancy companies invest heavily in their trainers and only hire the best.

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Lisa Scholfield

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