Creating A Strategy To Hire A Speaker At Your Business Event

Hiring a keynote speaker is one of the most outstanding decisions you can make to inspire the audience at your next business event.

The reason why speakers have such a compelling impact on corporate audiences in particular is because of their perspective—it is wholly different from that of an in-organization leader’s.

Your employees are more willing to listen to criticism from someone who does not work with them every day.

That being said, hiring your keynote speaker is a process to be heedfully executed to make sure that not only does your event go smoothly, but helps your company gain back its momentum. If your company’s employee morale has been low, and the performance seems to be slowing down, a motivational speaker can bring considerable positive influence to the table.

These four steps should help you get started on hiring a great motivational speaker:

Prepare A List

Put together a list of all speakers who you think will do an amazing job of inspiring your event’s attendees. Get the names online, ask around about any speakers from your associates, or consider putting down the name of any speaker you saw in a business event you previously attended.

Do Your Research

Once you have your list of speakers, go through their track records. Find out which organizations they have presented their keynotes in. Also, find out what a speaker’s general style is—witty, compassionate, humorous, etc.—and which professional aspects of motivational speaking they excel in.

Follow Their Work

Have you short-listed your speakers yet? Great.

Now, it is time for you to shadow their work.  Most keynote speakers have their own websites where they post short video clips of their past presentations. Watch these, and analyze whether you like their style.

If you can find testimonials/feedbacks from the organizations where they delivered their keynotes in the past, even better. Find out how well received your speaker is.

Scott Burrows, for instance, is a professional motivational speaker who is acclaimed in both national and international corporate worlds. The stronger a speaker’s history, the better.

Reach Out

Got a speaker in mind? Ready to hire them? Then what are you waiting for? Reach out to them!

Most keynote speakers can only be contacted through their agency, whose information is typically provided on their websites.


Make sure you determine their fee, days and timings beforehand to avoid any delays or holdups.

With these guidelines, you are undoubtedly well on your way to organizing a successful business event! A motivational speaker can take your efforts for creating a motivational environment up a notch, so look forward to an event everyone in your company will be talking about for a long time!

Lisa Scholfield

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