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Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissists Use to Control You!

You must identify toxic people like malignant psychopaths and narcissists early on, so that they you can protect yourself from their manipulative tactics. Highly manipulative psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists, employ maladaptive behaviors in relationships to hurt, demean, and exploit their intimate partners, friends, and family members. This is something that you will learn in detail in the book, “Same Cake Different Icing”, as it will help you identify these maladaptive diversion tactics.

The reason they employ these diversionary tactics is so that they can deflect responsibility by distorting the reality of the victim, and ultimately controlling them. It can be difficult to catch these tactics, but if you know what to look for, you will be able to stop them from degrading and silencing you. Here are the diversionary tactics toxic people are most likely to use to control you:

1.    Gaslighting

One of the most common manipulative tactic employed by psychopaths and narcissists is gaslighting. You can explain it in three different examples, as they will commonly use the phrases:

  • That didn’t happen
  • You imagined it
  • Are you crazy?

This diversionary tactic is one of the most treacherous since it will erode and distort your sense of reality. In the end, you will not trust yourself, which will leave you an easy target for mistreatment and abuse.

2.    Projection

Another diversionary tactic commonly used by toxic people is projection. They will not see their own shortcomings and will try anything to avoid accountability. It is a self-defense mechanism, which is used to displace any responsibility for someone’s negative traits and personality, by attributing them to another person.

You may know it as a the ‘blame-shifting game’, which is commonly played by narcissistic abusers. The main objective of the game is you lose, and they win, and everyone apart from them is blamed about anything that’s wrong with them.

3.    Nonsensical conversations from hell

If you thought you could have an intellectual discussion with a toxic person, you should prepare for some next level mind games. Malignant sociopaths and narcissists will use gaslighting, projection, ad hominem arguments, circular conversions, and word salad to disorient you. Their goal is to get you off-track if you disagree with or challenge them.

They will do this because they want to distract, frustrate, confuse, and discredit you from the main problem. They will make you feel guilty for being someone who doesn’t agree with them, and make you think there is something wrong with you and your life.

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Lisa Scholfield

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