Don’t Make These Mistakes When Seeking Head Lice Treatment For Your Kids

Ever heard someone say “oh, we faced a recent head lice infestation…youngest one’s head was teeming with lice—but we dealt with the issue easily”; or “I didn’t panic when my daughter was sent home from school because of lice”?

Yeah, happy endings like these happen only in the movies!

It’s understandable to panic in such a scenario; you’re overwhelmed, we get it. However, there’s no excuse—but ignorance—for the mistakes we make when dealing with these creepy crawlies!

Waiting Too Long To Treat Head Lice

Your problems won’t disappear on their own—neither will a lice infestation.

Parents, unknowingly, miss all the common signs of a head lice infestation just like they ‘ignore’ leaking faucets and jammed windowsills.

Many parents simply refuse to acknowledge even the possibility of a head lice infestation, saying: “My daughter takes a shower every day! She can’t get head lice”.

News flash: poor hygiene does not lead to head lice.

Ignoring head lice won’t make it go away. Worst case scenario, an untreated head full of lice may cause a skin infection in some!

They Use All the Wrong Treatments

We all remember those dark times when our parents doused harmful chemicals and pesticides on our heads.

Many grew up thinking that that was the one and only head lice treatment, an effective lice removal solution. Never mind the incredibly high lice re-infestation chances and damage associated with such treatments! Some parents have faith in DIY lice removal treatments, such as dumping mayonnaise on their child’s head and wrapping a plastic bag. Don’t try this or any other DIY lice removal treatment at home!

They Don’t Treat Their Entire Family

Lice can easily spread from person to person like a viral infection. Even worse, some people are immune to itching (a symptom or allergic reaction caused by a louse’s saliva).

This means that some people don’t realize they have lice until their head is literally teeming of lice. Treating the whole family is important, even if there is only one suspected case of head lice in the house. You don’t want to risk even a lone survivor when it comes to head lice.

They Don’t De-Louse Their Home

The common head louse can live up to a few hours on your furniture without a food source. Additionally, nits (lice eggs) can easily survive until they hatch which means your children or even you can get re-infected quite easily. It’s important to de-louse everything with lice inspection and cleaning services.

Just discovered lice on your youngest daughter’s head? Make your life easier by calling Lice Busters to the crime scene. And please, have your entire family inspected for head lice!


Lisa Scholfield

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