Dressing for a Job Interview – Tips to Up Your Style Game

Going in for a job interview is a daunting task in itself, and when you think of all the precautions and care you need to take to ensure you make the best impression, it can get overwhelming.

One of the first thing the interviewer notices about you, even before you’ve said a word, is how you’re dressed. The way you dress for your interview could either make or break your interview, with 73% of interviewers stating that personal grooming plays an extremely strong influence on whether someone gets the job or not.

Here are a few helpful tips for dressing the best for your interview and getting that job you’ve always wanted:

Keeping it professional

Donning professional or business attire is always your best bet. But what does donning business attire entail?

A suit jacket with matching pants, a crisp button-down dress shirt, and a neat tie coupled with polished dress shoes and matching socks is your best option. But even in suits, there are a dozen different options to go for. What do I choose?


Keep it conservative

This means no bold colors, no striking patterns, and absolutely no flashy prints. Pair a dark colored suit such as navy, dark gray or black with a light-colored shirt. Wear dark shoes that match your belt and make sure everything fits well—you want to be comfortable in your skin, not look like you’ve been squeezed into it!

Not Every Job has the Same Dress Code

Make sure to dress for the job you’re hoping to get! Not every job asks you to show up in formal attire. Do your homework and find out if there are any dress codes the employees of the company you’re applying to need to follow. This will give you an idea of what to wear for your interview.

However, when it comes to interviewing attire, it is always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. So, even if the employees of the company regularly show up in t-shirts and jean shorts, you might still want to wear some nice khakis or chinos with a sweater and button-down combo. It doesn’t hurt to make a good impression!

Proper Grooming

This should come as no surprise. Interviewers like to choose people for the job who take care of their personal hygiene. Make sure you shower the day of the interview, brush your teeth right before leaving and wear deodorant instead of perfume or cologne. You want to smell good but not overpowering. Avoid smoking right before the interview.

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