Ever-Growing Market for Self-Help Books

The Ever-Growing Market for Self-Help Books

In 2013, The Guardian published an article stating that self-help books, according to most major publishers, were set to outsell biographies by prominent personalities by 2014.

Four years down the line, that has not only proven to be true, but our expectations from the world of self-help literature have grown.

And this begs the question, why is the major population so gung-ho about self-help books?

Because We Want to Find a Solution!

The 21st century has allowed people to be more open about their troubles and mental health. We’re no longer restricted by societal limits or told that we shouldn’t share something about our troubles because what will the people say!

And that’s why self-help books have become so popular. They provide answers to different questions.

Let’s be clear, the term self-help in the book genre world is an umbrella term. It targets seemingly countless topics and ideas across the spectrum of our lives and emotions.

Religion, spirituality, fear, depression, happiness, relationships, careers, making money, creativity, inspiration, freedom – there are so many books on all sorts of topics that can help you understand different ideas. And by that, help you become a better person.

Self-help is all about motivation, something the global population desperately needs.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve become so mechanized in our daily routines, but we don’t really find the motivation to try anything new. And that’s a big problem.

The PEW Research Center states that people in America are less likely to feel happy, and that’s mainly due to dissatisfaction with life in general. Foreign book sales also tell the same story. Self-help books pull you out of that stupor, and motivate you to make a positive change in your life.

Self-Help Books Push Us Forward!

Sometimes, we need that extra help, that extra boost to try something new. In many cases, people have followed guidance provided by self-help books to change their lives, make better investments, get out of abusive relationships and quit those jobs that were sucking the life out of them.

These books give people that pat on the back they need to change their lives for the better, something we don’t get from the people around us because in all senses, everyone just wants to live a safe and happy life.

But safe does not equal happy. In some cases, safe can mean dull because we have a warped sense of what safe means. Self-help books help us in determining the right definition of the term.

How to Promote Your Self-Help Book

Self-help is a popular genre, which means there’s going to be thousands of books, vying for the public’s attention.

The best way to attract people to read your book is by going to the right crowd. Websites such as ChatEBooks offer books of all genres to readers who want to read something new, and not the same churned-out literary fodder.

As a platform for authors who want to promote their books online, ChatEBooks can give you the chance to present your self-help book online to a massive group of readers who can appreciate your work for what it is. And by that, can help you grow your reader base.

If you want to market and sell your e-book, use the right tricks. Find the right e-marketplace, and present your work to readers who want your help in making their lives better!

Lisa Scholfield

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