Expert Tricks: 10 Simple Ways To Engage Your Business Audience

Whether you are presenting your idea in front of your department, or addressing a massive audience at a corporate event, you need to hone your speaking skills. It is not enough to deliver the knowledge, but deliver it in a powerful and memorable way.

These few tricks, right from the minds of the experts, will help you take your next public speaking occasion to a whole new level.

1. Put yourself in a listener’s seat

When you have an important presentation coming up, record what you have to say, and then listen to it. This will help you recognize the strong and weak points in your delivery.

2. Educate yourself

We now have more power than ever to access unique information via various sources. Statistics are your friends; numbers have that power to make your words more authentic and compelling.

3. Be prepared throughout the time

You never know what will happen to hinder your plans. Time shortages, lack of resources, and other unexpected turn of events can lead you astray unless you are armed and ready to face them. You may head backstage to realize that you have to cut your speech short by half its time. Be prepared to face a situation such as this.

4. It’s about your audience

While you take the center stage on a particular topic, direct your presentation toward the benefit of your audience. A great business speech involves emphasizing your achievements and your work in terms of helping others.

Bottom line: connect with your audience. Make them feel understood.

5. Size matters

How large is your audience? Most people believe that it is easier to speak in front of a smaller group, but the truth is that you are more likely to get caught for any errors, any hesitations, when you address a limited number of people. Moreover, make sure to keep your presentation interactive.

6. Silence can be meaningful

Sometimes, you raise your voice to add emphasis to a point. Other times, you lower it for seriousness.


However, a perfectly timed moment of silence is what attracts the most attention. In those few seconds, you let your audience absorb the words floating over them. You get them to anticipate what’s coming next.

A pause is also a way to regain the attention of those drowsy few in your crowd!

7. A surprising truth is mind-catching

Find a widely-believed fact, a piece of information, and explain that it is actually the other way. An unconventional point is a great way to make it to the dead center of your entire presentation.

8. Find inspiration in the moment

Do you get stuck in midst of your presentation? Look left and look right, and find a source of creativity right there. It’s simple; you can focus on a person or an object, and use the source to further emphasize your point.

9. Make the most out of a bad situation

The power went down and the stage lights go off. No worries; turn on your phone’s flashlight, and prompt you audience to do the same till the power is back on. Prove your adaptability and quick-thinking through your actions when things go south.

10. Learn from the experts

Observing the experts, their style, their tone, the knowledge they impart on their audiences, everything can help you make your own delivery successful.

Scott Burrows’ business keynotes on leadership are an example of addressing corporate professionals in a riveting manner. The corporate inspirational speaker has a history of receiving standing ovations from national and international audiences.

It takes time, effort and experience to get a skill right. Keep incorporating these factors in your presentations, and you will hit a home run, every time.


Lisa Scholfield

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