The Fear of Success May Be Holding You Back!

The Fear of Success May Be Holding You Back!

As humans, we have within us a fear of many different things, some tangible, some not so concrete. We can be afraid of spiders, heights and drowning, or we can be scared of the thought of change, loss or failure.

However, there is one unusual thing we, especially those in the world of business, tend to fear. This is the fear of success.

Identifying the Fear of Success

Success takes considerable hard work, commitment and a dedication to your craft. It can often feel out of our reach, as if you were grasping at air for the chance to prove yourself. When we fail, oftentimes it is because of things that are out of our control. It could be undesirable circumstances, a lack of necessary skills or experience, or even just plain old bad luck.

However, one thing you may fail to consider is that the thing that may be holding you back from your success is yourself. This may manifest as being distracted in your work, unable to complete projects on time, multi-tasking without giving one task your hundred percent, and constantly questioning whether you are good enough to succeed or not. It’s not easy to pick up on this as being symptoms of a fear of success, as you may pass them off as merely being a result of procrastination and typical self-doubt.

Overcoming the Fear

Once you have become aware that this is what’s coming in the way of your bid for success, what can be done about it? This is something that is entirely under your own control, so the change must come from your internal self.

In order to attain your goals and achieve the success you desire, face the fear head on. Often, being afraid is centered in our apprehension about taking risks and the uncertainty of things beyond our control. Acknowledge that there will always be the uncertainty hanging over you and take on a positive outlook—you may not have everything under your control, but you have the power to be resilient and persevere through whatever comes your way.

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