Finding the Right Leadership Style for You!

There are bosses and managers, and then there are leaders.

A leader isn’t always a person in a high up position in a company or business, but someone who exhibits certain important qualities that makes them a game changer in their work environment.

There are many styles of leadership, and each individual develops his or her own over the course of their career. So what’s the most effective style for you?

Common Leadership Styles


This style of leadership is centered on the basis of self-direction. The employees are expected to carry their own weight and make their own decisions, with the leader offering input and motivation when needed.

This method can really lose traction in the scenario where members of the team are not motivated or driven enough and lack the capacity to manage time efficiently.


One who adopts a coaching style of leading has a propensity for guiding subordinates by making suggestions and mentoring them. It is all about the constructive feedback, but if employees are unwilling to change or the coaching turns autocratic, it is much less effective.


It’s all about the equal participation in democratic leadership. When decisions need to be made, the input of employees or team members is an important part of the process. While it involves a team effort, the leader is the one held accountable.

Of course, this style does not always work most effectively, particularly in situations where decisions need to be made quickly.


The autocratic leadership style involves said leader making all the decisions, all the while keeping a tight rein on employees.

Article42It works best for a situation where the team members aren’t as experienced as the leader, and need a whole lot of guidance.

However, it needs to be acknowledged that being too authoritative and overlooking the input of subordinates can most likely lead to problems in the long run.

Striking the Perfect Balance

There is no one perfect answer to what leadership style is perfect for maximum success. Each leader leads in his or her own way, tapping into the style that best suits their disposition and objectives.

Humans are multi-faceted, complex creatures. You will find that in order to be a successful leader, a balance of the various styles and methods should be used, paying attention to what different circumstances require.

Learn to understand what your team needs from you, and always be open to learning new techniques to help you evolve your personal style of leading.

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