Finding Your ‘Why’ in Life

Finding Your ‘Why’ in Life

“He who has a ‘why’ to live for can bear almost any ‘how.’’’ – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Unlike all other species on planet Earth, we humans have the ability to think beyond survival. The quest for meaning has disturbed philosophers, scientists, artists and writers for centuries. In fact, some of our greatest works have been created exploring this very subject.

Without finding a sense of purpose in this cold, dark universe, we might fall into the abyss of despair and disillusionment.   

Not all of us have a same purpose. Here are some ways you can find meaning in life:

Discover Your Passion in Life

From writing poetry to playing sports, there might be many things you can be passionate about. Your goal is to find something that truly inspires you – something that doesn’t let you sleep at night.

Working on what you are passionate about will surely become a source of both personal and professional achievement. You will be doing something that’s congruent with whom you really are.

Know More about Your Talents and Strengths

Have you ever seen Bob Dylan playing his harmonica or Tiger Woods taking a swing?

They seem to be, what creativity researcher Ken Robinson might say, “in their element. He defines this state as a point where a person’s talent meets his or her passion.

Find out things that you are really good at. Discovering your natural talents and working toward nurturing them will go a long way in helping you find meaning. It is being in your element that will make you most satisfied.

Find Out Where You Will Be Able to Add the Most Value

After figuring out your talents and passions, the next goal would be to make them count. You should find a way to employ your knowledge and skills to add value and contribute. This gives an incredible hike to your sense of achievement.

Decide How You Want to Measure Your Life

There are certain ideals that you live by. Find out what these core values are – the ‘how’ you do of what you do. Defining these values will help you get better perspective on your life.

Discard the Idea of ‘One’ True Meaning

Remember that there’s no one true meaning of life that you have to strive for. For instance, your passions might change as you grow up, or your life circumstances might drastically transform, completely changing your outlook. Make sure you understand that and keep an open mind.

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Lisa Scholfield

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