Fun Facts About The English Language You Probably Didn’t Know

Who doesn’t love fun facts? As far as the English language is concerned, there are considerable trivial nuggets of information which you will now know of.

Down below are a whopping 15 fun facts about the English language:

  1. “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy fox” is a pangram; it contains every single alphabet in the English language!


  1. The letter “e” is not only the most commonly used vowel, but also the letter that exists in one out of every eighth written word in English.


  1. “Go!”is the only shortest as well as grammatically accurate sentence in the English language. Following which is the two-letter worded sentence “I am.”


  1. “Typewriter”is the longest commonly used word that can be typed by using only the keys present in the same row on a typewriter/standard keyboard (it’s the topmost row of alphabetical keys… try it!). Other words include  repertoire” and “proprietor”.


  1. The longest single word in the English language, with a whopping 45 letters, is “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis“. The word is essentially the biological term for a lung disease caused due to inhalation of fine silica particles (volcano ash and dust).


  1. The letter S is the first letterin the majority of words in the English language. This is due to many of the words which start with “Sh” , “Sc”, “St” and “Sp”.


  1. The English language did not actually originate in England; the language’s birth goes back to the land now known as north-west Germany and the Netherlands.


  1. Around 4000 new words are added to the English dictionary each year, and approximately one new word is added every two hours!


  1. “Good” is the most frequently used adjective, and “time”the most commonly used noun in the language.


  1. From 1932 to 1490, there was word “Dord”present in the English dictionary. This was added due to an error in printing, and was dubbed as “ghost word”.


  1. The word “pronunciation” is the most mispronounced word in the English language!


  1. The Shakespearean language has a great part in standard English; the legendary writer and poet contributed over a thousand new words to English language!


  1. Contrary to popular belief, “orange” is not the only common word that does not rhyme with anything. Other frequently used, unrhymablewords include dangerous, purple, month, wolf, and marathon.


  1. Another popular belief defines that English is the most spoken language; in truth it comes third(the first two and Mandarin and Spanish). English is however the language spoken in most countries in the world.


  1. And finally, the English language is over 1400 years old! Back in its early years, the language was a mix of German and ancient Celtic dialects. The English you hear, speak and write today has been through quite the evolution!


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Lisa Scholfield

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