Good Leadership and Meditation – Is There a Connection?

The deadlines are due in a few hours. The stress is mounting up and you feel like you may just get crushed under the pressure of work and competition. This hardly seems like the time to stop all thought to just sit, refocus and let your mind relax…

Or is it?

Meditation in the Corporate World

For long, the practice of meditation has helped millions around the world by improving their mind, body and heart. However, it has only been in recent years that this practice has infiltrated the corporate world. Starting as a fad, it has now transitioned into an effective lifestyle choice.

Now, with the concept of meditation primarily focused on keeping the mind and body calm, you may wonder about the effects it would have on a person’s ability in business. On the contrary though, thanks to big names like Steve Jobs, Marc Benioff, and Jeff Weiner – all of whom who are known to meditate – the practice has become a staple for those who want to be effective business leaders.

Effects of Meditation on Leadership

  • Resilience

More people fall off the corporate ladder because they’re not able to handle the stress of an intense work environment. Meditation can help keep that stress at bay. When you meditate, you experience a sense of calm that allows you to clear your mind and focus on aspects that are causing mental fatigue for you.

  • Clarity

An effective leader has to look at the big picture and move the details accordingly so that picture stays intact. And that responsibility requires an exceptional sense of clarity and thought. When you meditate, your mind enhances that focus and improves your ability to determine all factors of a situation in a clear light. This effect of meditation is so prominent that it is even seen in brain scans.

  • Empathy

This is a unique effect of meditation. When a person is meditating, they slow down their mind, and use that time to understand other people’s point of view. This allows them to empathize with others and read different facial expressions. As a result, participants are able to use this mode of communication to determine the potential client or customers’ thoughts about a particular situation.

  • Decision Making

According to a study conducted by the UCLA laboratory on neuro-imaging, results concluded that meditating regularly for a long duration increases the process of gyrification. Gyrification is a process that increases your brain’s ability to take in information, process it and make decisions. This handy ability can help many who need to make tough and quick decisions about their business.

  • Health

Health is probably the most understated benefit of meditation. As stated above, meditation can boost our immunity, reduce our blood pressure and improve our mind. But more than that, meditation can help control our actions in case of substance or alcohol abuse. It also helps that meditation can strengthen the connection between brain cells, as stated by the UCLA laboratory study on neuro-imaging.

Transform Yourself

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Lisa Scholfield

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