Head-lice Scare In Childcare Facilities – How To Establish An Effective Protocol To Prevent Lice

There are few places tainted with possibility of a head lice scare. Schools, summer camps and childcare facilities are some of them.

Children of all ages and genders co-exist under the same roof, sharing helmets, hair bands, braiding each other’s hair, playing dress-up or an outdoor game.

Head lice thrive in such close encounter environments—crawling from one head to another in the blink of an eye—and multiplying!

Dealing with an infestation with one or two kids is possible. But lice infestation the size of Florida is enough to make anyone shiver in fear.

Effective Lice Prevention Protocol

This concept of lice prevention came about after the implementation of the No-Nit Policy. Childcare facilities and summer camps can adopt the same approach to head lice removal and prevention, which is:

  • Daily grooming of children’s hair (this will disturb the breeding pattern)
  • Detection combing on a weekly basis to check for head lice
  • Effective, appropriate and prompt action taken for treating lice
  • Contact tracing, i.e. identification and informing people who might have been infected

Lice Prevention Guideline – Say No To Lice!

Lice prevention, to a certain extent, is possible. But it comes with its fair share of conditions:

  • Overcome the stigma! Communicate your facility’s head lice policy to all staff members. Education is important regarding early lice detection and safety procedures
  • Individual lice detection screenings should be kept private to ensure parties involved aren’t embarrassed to seek help
  • The lice prevention policy should be detailed to all parents. This will increase awareness of the policy regarding head lice prevention, protection, and appropriate solutions
  • Inform parents ahead of time about regular or bi-weekly lice screenings. Many head lice removal clinics in Orlandooffer in-school and camp lice screenings as well as safe and natural treatment solutions

In addition to this guideline, childcare facilities must also understand the importance of parent involvement in lice removal.

Routine lice screenings must be reinforced and carried out religiously. There will be less risk of a head lice outbreak if professional lice inspections are carried out as a weekly routine. Have questions regarding head lice? Head to your nearest Lice Busters lice removal treatment center today!


Lisa Scholfield

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