The Importance of Celebration and Acknowledging Achievements in the Workplace

Whether it’s taking the time to cut a cake for an employee’s birthday or celebrate a major company milestone, small impromptu office parties can go a long way toward considerably enhancing the workplace environment.

Whether it’s during or after work hours, group celebrations can work to make employees feel more valued and appreciated, and as a result of elevated moods and morale, have a positive impact on the company itself.

Team-Building Activity

Getting together to celebrate something—whether it’s an employee’s achievement or a birthday—can serve to be an informal team-building activity.

These kinds of gatherings tend to have quite the laid back atmosphere, so the potential for personal connections may develop into something that can help them work together better in the future.

Morale Boost

Appreciating your employees and showing them that you value them as humans rather than commodities is naturally bound to boost their morale. Recognition for accomplishments is always a great way to motivate individuals to perform better.

What’s more, a break from the rigorous routine of work can also be a breath of fresh air, serving to lift up their spirits!

Alleviating Stress

Work is stressful, that much is true. Having a little shindig in this high pressure environment can serve to help reduce stress and, as a result, boost your subordinates’ mental and emotional well-being.

Motivational Element

Motivation to do work—good work—isn’t always accessible when you’re stuck in a monotonous routine day in and day out. For your employees, getting to let loose and take a break from the mundane can help motivate them considerably!

Enhanced Productivity

With celebrations, you’re giving your employees the recognition they deserve and allowing them to let loose a little.

Getting to have a little fun at work and being acknowledged for their hard work will lead to happier employees, and research shows that being happy at work increases productivity! What’s good for your employees is really what’s good for your company.


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Lisa Scholfield

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