The Importance of Empowering Marginalized Youth

The Importance of Empowering Marginalized Youth

You ever hear those stories about a successful celebrity who came from nothing?

An athlete, a doctor—an actor, activist or artist; someone who emerged from the dreary darkness of an abysmal home and managed to make something of themselves? A penniless, voiceless individual standing at the margins of society with nothing more than faith, an opportunity and someone who believed in them?

Now a living embodiment of victory, they’ve reached the summit of success on their own merit—carrying a name that shines brighter than the stars that guide them.

Theirs are the stories that stay with us, that move us and inspire us to follow our dreams.

Because they’re not mythical tales about what happens when you believe.

They’re a living testament to the idea of “making your own luck”.

Heroes, leaders, mentors, role models—these are the people who defy all odds to make something of themselves. Not because they were lucky enough to find the right opportunities; but because they had the courage to move forward, despite the world saying otherwise.

Stories of Struggle

Stories of StruggleWe all teach our kids the importance of believing in themselves, but how often do we take a moment to really show them the value of self-belief?

Young people have the uncanny ability to absorb the things they witness—to learn on auto-pilot mode as they grow up.

We guard our children from the ugliness of this world, but marginalized youth are exposed to these realities day in and day out.

They’re malleable and porous;invisibleand silenced—without a platform to express their agonizing anger and frustration.

Having seen so much at such a vulnerable age, these people have the immeasurable power to achieve extraordinary things. Present, goal-oriented, driven and strong—all they need is a reminder that the answer to their suffering lies within.

In realizing their own worth, marginalized youth can become a beacon of hope for future generations—taking significant steps to address the social ills of society as they reshape their destiny with the power of a pen.

Youth With a Future is a not-for-profit organization, sponsored by the Transformational Leadership Forum.Based in Colorado, it offers leadership programs to at-risk youth—promoting powerful and transformative workshops that are committed to change the future.

This summer, YWAF intends to fly out its young participants to Washington D.C. for a paid internship, visiting the new African American Museumand giving inner-city students a chance to exploreand immerse in art through theater performances in the evening.

The program needs your help to make this trip a reality. Visit YWAF’s GoFundMe page for more information and make a donation to empower your children.

All proceeds will go into materializing the organization’s Summer 2017workshop and create wonderful work opportunities for 15 under-resourced students in Denver. Donate now to make a difference!

Lisa Scholfield

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