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The Importance of Teaching Children Self-discipline

For many parents, teaching your children self-discipline is a top-priority goal. Often, we tend to mistake self-discipline with strict obedience. While learning how to respect others is important, children should know how to practice self-control without the presence of an authority member.

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 are naturally impulsive and used to getting what they want. As they grow older and interact with more children, they will experience challenging situations, go through puberty and mood swings. When you teach kids how to cope with these things with healthy mechanisms, they make good choices and will be able to sustain themselves in any environment. With hoards of outlets and distractions readily available to children such as various multimedia apps and technology, it can be easy to misuse them for immediate self-gratification. Limited screen-time and negative reinforcements like time-out and grounding can only work for so long.

Each child is different, and they respond differently to various approaches. You should know your child well enough to be able to help them become the best version of themselves. What are more creative ways to teach children self-discipline? Here are a few examples.Teach them at bed time

When your child is younger, he or she may retaliate the most when it’s time to go to bed. This is a good opportunity to let them learn about self-control and help them go to bed even though they might be bored.

Make sure your child has a fixed bedtime each day and a routine they go through before going to bed. Teach them to go through a checklist of things they need to do before they sleep and help them work on ways to sleep without your presence.

Give them chores and responsibilities

Even if you have help at your disposal, always let your children do their own tasks. Let them help you in various tasks around the house that they enjoy such as cooking, gardening and setting the dinner table. And then also introduce them to concepts such as clearing the table, cleaning up after yourself, washing the dishes or even putting back their own toys. Assign them a chore that they are responsible for every day and let them learn more about time-management and doing tasks independently.

Appreciate good behavior

While you should use positive and negative methods of reinforcements sparingly, they do work. Rewarding good behaviour will let your children know what you appreciate and encourage and reprimanding them for negative behaviour will let them know there are consequences. It’s important to check children when they break rules, or they could become used to getting away with it every time and eventually harm others and themselves in the process.

Make sure you reward them by compliments and appreciating their skills and qualities. For example, always say, “you’re so good at cleaning up”, “I love how you care so much about your health” etc. Refrain from giving material rewards too often.

Encourage extra-curricular activities

It’s important to let your children learn about values of respect and community outside of the home and school. Introduce more options to your children such as sports and musical classes which they enjoy and are learning opportunities as well. Let them be a part of something where they can interact with other children their age and participate in healthy activities which challenge their intellectual capabilities.

Martial arts are an excellent discipline which is dedicated to teaching children and adults, self-defence moves and other skills. It helps them improve their self-confidence by teaching you how to look your opponent in the eye. It lets you learn to believe in yourself and the importance of mastering technique over strength which is a great mental release for children who have a lot of energy.

Sherbourne Martial Arts Academy in London, Ontario offers multiple, distinct martial arts discipline for kids with basic techniques and a friendly environment. For kids’ jiu-jitsu and karate classes, you can contact them.


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