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What Causes Spider Veins On The Face?

The blood vessels in our body are responsible for carrying blood to and from the heart. The veins ensure smooth flow of blood to the heart, however, when they’re not working properly, they can become enlarged.

This leads to swollen and bulging vessels, which often appear on the face, feet and legs. The tiny, spider-like shape of the veins is often characterized by varying colors—mainly red, purple and blue—and is referred to as spider veins.

Dealing with visible and unsightly veins on the face is much more than a cosmetic issue and requires medical attention. If you have spider veins on your face and you don’t know the reason behind their occurrence, here are some reasons why they happen.


Pregnancy can be joyous but also comes with a number of health issues. One of these is the high prevalence of spider veins due to a change in the hormones. Increased estrogen in pregnant women can cause the blood vessels to break, which leads to spider veins and varicose veins.

There are also a number of other skin issues associated with pregnancy that can be a nuisance but are not life-threatening.

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Drinking alcohol increases the risk of developing spider veins and other vein-related illnesses. Even though there’s no extensive research available on the impact of alcohol on vein health, high consumption can put you at risk—especially if you have pre-existing health conditions and bad eating habits.

Smokers are also at a higher risk of developing spider veins.


Your genes and family history can play a part in the prevalence of spider veins in you. While scientists haven’t been able to figure out the correlation between the two, studies show that a majority of people with spider veins have a family history of vein health conditions.

External Environment

Changes in weather and working conditions can also be an influencing factor in the dilution or expansion of veins. During extremely hot weather, the veins can become highly visible and may cause skin irritation.

If you already have skin and vein problems, the weather is likely to exacerbate your condition and immediate treatment is crucial. Sun exposure can also cause itching or peeling of the skin, leading to spider veins.

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