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How Does Reading Autobiographies & Memoirs Help You?

Memoirs and autobiographies have long since been met with skepticism by cynics who believe that the genre attempts to blur the real and the artificial, creating dramatic confusion.  However, this hasn’t stopped people from writing memoirs. In fact, several celebrities have explored this genre to share their stories and open up about personal experiences.

Does reading a memoir really help impact your life in anyway? Let’s take a look.

You Get To Read Powerful & Inspirational Stories

Autobiographies and memoirs are typically written for a purpose. From sharing lived experiences and encounters to elaborating on how they shaped the author’s life, the stories narrated hold deep meaning. These don’t always have to be stories of hardships or suffering, but can be about anything the author experienced in their life that had a strong impact, even if it’s a funny encounter.

Reading these stories is bound to make an impression on you. You’ll get a deeper insight into who the author is and what events have shaped their life, and are likely to relate to them on some level. Since the memoirs and autobiographies are written by the person being discussed, the language used makes the stories even more personal. Once you’re done reading them, you’re likely to feel inspired by what the author talked about or went through, and it’ll stay with you for a long time.

You Begin To See Things Differently

It never hurts to get a fresh perspective on things, and autobiographies help you get just that. As you read the stories told through their point of view, you essentially put yourself in their shoes and go through the events described with them. This allows you to get an insider’s perspective on how they may have felt, as opposed to what you’d have heard, known, or thought otherwise.

Things Differently

It’s not just their side of the story you get to see differently. Reading memoirs also shifts your perspective about various things in your own life and compels you to view situations differently. Without even realizing it, you may pick up new values and tackle things differently than how you used to, based on how the author whose memoir you just read perceived and handled situations in their life.

You Get to Learn from Someone Else’s Hardships

In addition to feeling inspired and picking up certain values from the memoirs you read, you also get to learn from the mistakes they made or the hardships they experienced. Of course, we all experience our own sets of challenges which may or may not be vastly different from what we read about in books, but a lot of emotions experienced by the authors and us are similar. Reading about how a particular author made it through a difficult period in their life can affect how we feel about our own hardships and help us learn from their experiences.

Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories  

Want to read expand your memoir collection? Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories has to be the next book on your list!

Written by author Stephanie Hart, Mirror Mirror is the sequel to the true events presented in Clouds Like Horses and Other Stories. Read an excerpt from the book here.


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