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4 Reasons Why Non-Emergency Medical Transport is Important

Transportation is a critical barrier in accessibility to non-emergency medical care for older adults according to a study. Findings revealed that around 3.6 million adults are likely to miss or put off seeking medical care every year due to lack of accessible transport.

This has severe consequences for both the health system and for an average American citizen’s ability to take care of themselves by seeking professional care.

The lack of options has led to a spike in the number of private non-emergency medical transportation services by various vendors to meet increasing market demand. However, there needs to be more awareness regarding the importance of NEMT services. This articles aims to do just that.

Here are reasons why you should know more about non-emergency medical transport.

Convenient for those who don’t have means of transportation

There are millions of people who rely on public transport and don’t own cars. This can be a barrier for them when they need assistance to seek professional medical care. Moreover, some people with certain medical conditions require special means of transportation.

For example, not all transport services are disability friendly, whereas some NEMT services like Care Plus Medical Transportation cater specifically to differently-abled individuals. They also have customized vans which can provide transport to and from medical centers in various locations.

Can provide assistance in times of need

They also assure that patients who have just received medical care are well taken care of when other close friends or family members may not be available.

Especially in instances when someone has to regularly go to appointments, it can be inconvenient to ask someone to pick and drop you. With these services, patients can travel stress-free.

Cost effective solution for those who need medical care

NEMT services are much cheaper than seeking private transportation. Moreover, they can cover local as well as long distance trips at standard rates.

You also reap the benefit of availing certified drivers who can make you feel completely secure and comfortable. This is integral when it comes to seeking any sort of healthcare service.

Reduces burden on emergency medical care

Emergency medical ambulances have to cater to more urgent medical situations. With NEMT services available, ambulances can be free for use in times of emergency alone while patients reach home safely after they are treated. This can be instrumental in streamlining the ecosystem of the healthcare industry.

Care Plus Medical Transportation is based in Strafford, Texas and offers non-emergency medical and wheelchair transportation services. Their drivers are certified and they cover local and long-distance trips. To avail their services, you can contact them at 713-493-2400.


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