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Credit Card Debt

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Credit Card Debt

Let’s face it. We’ve all fallen victim to credit card debt at some point in our lives. With over 55% of Americans with credit cards currently in debt, the average monthly balance amounts to over $6000.

It’s easy to get carried away and indulge in some late-night purchases that sound like a good idea at the moment but end up causing more guilt than satisfaction in retrospect. If you’ve been struggling to keep your retail therapy impulses at bay, we’ve got you covered with some easy steps that will help you budget like a pro and get out of the notorious web of credit card debt.

1. Get in Touch With Credit Repair and Restoration Experts

Before you begin to panic, take a step back and breathe. Credit repair and restoration experts are equipped with the knowledge, insight, tools, and experience required to help you dispute inaccurate information on your credit report.

This is especially useful if you’ve been watching your spending but are still confronted with overwhelming debt that doesn’t add up. By detecting credit reporting errors, they can help you get a clean slate.

credit repair and restoration

In case of no errors, credit repair and restoration companies can make things easier by guiding you on the best course of action for debt payment. By avoiding the hassle and paperwork, you can make the most of their expertise for a smooth process.

If you have a hard time sticking to financial plans and end up overspending on products, services, and travel plans, a credit repair and restoration company can also help you develop a customized plan that makes budgeting easy, fun, and doable.

Not only will you get out of credit card debt, but you’ll also begin to notice a dramatic improvement in your credit score.

2. Request Low Interest Rates

A short phone call to your creditor can often save a ton of trouble. If you’re looking for a feasible way to keep credit card debt from knocking on your door every other month, we recommend requesting a reduced interest rate from your respective issuer.

This is especially useful for long-term credit card owners with moderate-to-good credit score (we recommend 720 or above). By chipping 1–2% off, you could end up saving hundreds and thousands of dollars in interest expense.

3. Commit to Breaking the Cycle

While this may sound obvious, it’s ultimately the biggest cause of credit card debt. If you haven’t committed (and by committed, we mean committed) to breaking the cycle, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to maintain a consistent period of no debt.

personal intervention

Take some time out for a short yet rigorous personal intervention that allows you to absorb the gravity of the situation. While the goal is to help you understand the importance of keeping your finances in check, we recommend giving yourself some leeway to prevent developing a utopian goal of perfection. Like strict diets, anything that veers on the idea of idealistic black and white with no room for grey tends to fail.

Instead of completely restricting yourself, we recommend leaving room for a few purchases off your wishlist every now and then. However, understand the importance of stopping when you must to prevent the all-too-familiar fog of debt and consequent anxiety from clouding your life again.

With a focused idea of moderation, discipline, and consistency in mind, you’ll succeed in keeping your finances in check and developing a great credit score.

4. Create the Ultimate Budgeting Spreadsheet

While the thought of creating a spreadsheet sounds as dull as diving into a box of stale crackers, we promise it’ll save you from crippling damage in the long run.

Ultimate Budgeting Spreadsheet

Create sections for existing debt, balance, interest rate, and minimum payment. Keeping track of each will help you budget and devise a custom debt repayment strategy. We also recommend keeping track of your spending so you’re able to consistently evaluate and cut back on your expenses.

5. Demarcate “Wants” From “Needs”

While you may think that glorious high-definition LED TV was worth the upgrade, it’s ultimately one of the many purchases that’s forcing you into a downward spiral. Demarcate “wants” from “needs” for a clear idea of products and services you could easily do without.

Over time, it’ll become easier to categorize each purchase into one of these sections. By prioritizing shampoo as a “need” and dismissing heavily overpriced celebrity perfume as a “want”, you’ll slowly but surely ease out of debt.

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