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Is Starch Damaging Your Favorite Clothes?

Some clothing items, such as formal shirts, just look a lot more appealing when they are all crisp and firm. And using starch while pressing the shirt can help you achieve that look. While you may look great in that shirt for hours straight with the help of starch, but is it really good for your shirt’s fabric?

If anyone told you that using starch on your clothes was harmful, they were right—or maybe they were wrong? In this article, we’ll explore and weigh some of the pros and cons of fabric starch. Before we give our final verdict about its impact on your clothing.

Let’s dive in!


Increased Firmness

Using starch will keep your clothes wrinkle-free and give them a smooth look because it adds firmness to the fabric.

Increased Protection Against Abrasion

As found by the Dry cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI), dress shirts got through two types of abrasions—flat abrasion and flex abrasion.

Flat Abrasion:

This may occur when the clothing rubs against another clothing or surface. This typically happens when you wear a tuxedo jacket or a blazer on top of your dress shirt.

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Flex Abrasion

This may occur when the clothing is stretched more than it should be for longer periods, such as when you bend your elbow.

According to findings by DLI, starch keeps clothing protected from both types of abrasions. The firmness makes clothing resistant of any damage that may be caused by stretching.

But Is There a Dark Side Too?

Tensile strength is the estimation of how well your clothing’s fabric can sustain and not get damaged under stressful conditions. In the research by DLI, some clothing items were tested in the textile laboratory for the measurement of their strength when exposed to starch. The tests revealed that there was a significant difference in the tensile strengths of the shirts on which starch was used. And shirts that were kept starch-free.

After a total of ten washing cycles, the starch-free shirt had a 29 percent higher tensile strength as compared to the one with heavy starch. Even after washing the shirts for 50 times, the starch-free shirts were still 20 percent more durable.

The Takeaway

Based on findings from the research, we can easily conclude that while using starch may boost the appearance of your clothing. It can deteriorate their rigidity—and the damage is definitely not worth the risk.

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