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A Hopping Guide To Celebrating Easter In Orlando

Easter 2020 went a little differently than most people expected. With a lot of stress and anxiety induced by the COVID-19 crisis, families panicking about the safety and well-being of their loved ones, and travel bans being imposed across the world, a lot of people had to cancel plans.

Plans for luxury vacations to Orlando, or spending the holiday with friends and family or going to church and meeting the community, were instead replaced by social distancing.

It’s been tough, especially for those who planned to celebrate the holiday here in Orlando, which is otherwise a very exciting city. If you’ve had to cancel your plans for this year, you can look at the bright side and keep your eye out on the following for next Easter!

Bunny Photos

The Florida Mall, The Mall at Millenia, and various other public places around town offer the exciting opportunity to pose with the one and only Easter Bunny. This local celebrity makes her way around town, not just leaving eggs but also stopping by to take a few photos with her adoring fans. You can take your own photos or opt for a professional package—which sometimes includes presents! Can’t no one tell you the Easter Bunny isn’t real!

Easter Egg Hunt at Winter Park

Egg hunts are a wonderful easter tradition that brings joy to children’s lives! There is so much to look forward to, and the smiles that are plastered on their faces are priceless.

Plenty of community centers, schools, and local organizations plan these egg hunts across town, but the most popular and long-running one is the annual Winter Park Easter Egg Hunt. Here’s hoping next year the tradition stays running through to next year!

easter bunny girl

Sunrise Services

There are various sunrise services that take place across Orlando on Easter morning. You can find some at SeaWorld and at various churches and centers around town and choose one that’s closest to you. Find some spiritual solace on this springtime holiday!

Easter parades and parties

There are plenty of celebrations happening all around, including Easter Weekends at major theme parks and public spaces, such as Disney World, and Reiter Park. Next year’s schedule will reveal events that are happening then, but you can count on long-standing ones to get you through!

Plan your own egg hunt

This is an idea you can try this year too! Especially if you’re home bound and stuck indoors, or you’re already visiting Orlando and staying at our vacation rental.

Enjoy the space you have and plant eggs around the house to engage and treat the kids—or even adults because who says no to chocolate eggs?

Life is what you make it, and even if things didn’t go as intended this year, we have a lot to be thankful for. We’re safe, healthy, have homes, or even homes away from home.

If you’re in Orlando during Easter next year or need a place to stay, we’d love to have you in our luxury vacation homes. Many of them are close to the best happenings around town too! Get in touch with us to know more.


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