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Reignite The Spark: 5 Reasons You And Your Loved One Need A Romantic Getaway

While managing the kids, household affairs, expenses, work, life, and other stresses, working on your own interests and passion projects, and now the COVID-19 crisis that has led to the radical reorienting of life, a luxury vacation is probably nowhere on your radar.

It’s essential to keep that spark alive, though; even if right now it feels like it’s too much to take on, you shouldn’t let your relationship fizzle out in the mundane everyday. A romantic getaway might be precisely what you and your partner need for a multitude of reasons and benefits.

1.     The change of scenery forces you to let go

A vacation, in general, is a welcome change for most people, especially couples who need a break. It’s hard to let loose and relax when you’re in the same place that forces you into a routine, day in and day out. Being in the same home, with the same furniture, the same view outside your window can make it difficult to disconnect. Even a staycation can do wonders for you.

2.     It can help you reconnect with each other

When you’re finally away from the things that stress you out and strain your relationship is when you can be with each other. Disconnecting leads to reconnecting.

You not only share physical space, but you also share mental and emotional space, without having to worry about the chores, bills, errands—because all of that is behind you for now!

3.     It helps you rediscover your shared and individuals passions

Some couples thrive off their shared interests; others bloom in what makes them different. A vacation is a chance to meet each other halfway or take up the things you both genuinely love, whether it’s thrill-seeking or visiting museums. It’s meant to be relaxing and fun for both partners, which is why you both should compromise.

4.     You get a chance to unwind and indulge yourselves

How often do you get the opportunity to dress up and go on fancy dinner dates, or go for a couples’ massage even if those chances are two blocks away from your home or workplace? A vacation allows you to clear your schedule and do the things you truly enjoy, without the guilt of how much you’re splurging.

5.     Can’t travel alone? Call in friends and family!

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to get away alone, which is why couples should make room for time together, even on family vacations.

Maybe you can hire a babysitter, or if grandparents, uncles and aunts or cousins are around, the kids can spend time under their supervision while you go out and do your own thing. It takes a village to raise a child, as they say—and what better village than your own family?

One of the best ways to enjoy privacy and space on a group vacation is by getting a rental vacation home such as Blue Travel’s properties in Orlando, FL. With ample space to prevent sharing or overcrowding of any sort, you can also travel with other loved ones who can help you take care of the kids! Get planning and booking!


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