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Standing All Day? Here’s How it Impacts Your Legs and Veins!

If someone told you that standing around can work wonders for your weight, it might—but overdo it, and you’ll be looking at a number of health complications.

While getting a standing desk might be a great idea in terms of relieving yourself of hip pain, it isn’t exactly a good idea to stand for extended hours either.

Because your veins might have to suffer the consequences.

Standing—A Hazard?

Standing is definitely not a hazard, of course. It’s our natural posture, after all. However, when you work standing for extended periods of time, you might end up dealing with a number of issues, which include:

  • Numb feet
  • Soreness
  • Swollen feet and legs
  • Lower back pain
  • Stiff neck and shoulders
  • Fatigue
  • Varicose veins

People who have jobs that require them to stand for extended periods of time might experience some of these symptoms as well—people such as salespeople and schoolteachers, for instance.

Swollen, Enlarged Veins

Often, people who are required to stand for extended periods of time notice that their feet or legs (or both) have become more swollen than they usually are. If purplish veins are also visible close to the skin, this is a case of varicose veins.


When you stand for too long, your blood circulation is affected. Blood begins to pool in the veins in your lower body. This increases the pressure in the veins, and the increased blood pressure causes the veins to stretch.

The walls of the veins also become weaker. Eventually, this leads to damaged veins, and your heart doesn’t receive the blood that it’s supposed to get back as efficiently.

How You Can Avoid Getting Varicose Veins via Standing

There are ways you can prevent getting varicose veins by standing for an extended amount of time—and no, we aren’t going to tell you to change your job. Here’s what you can do:

  • Pace your work properly, so you can finish and go home on time.
  • Don’t stretch or bend too much.
  • Constantly change positions. Don’t stay in one position for too long.
  • Take breaks. Overworking and not taking breaks might please your boss, but it will be painful for your veins and thus, is in vain. Get it?

Varicose Vein Treatment in Manhattan

If you have varicose veins due to standing for an extended amount of time, check out the multiple treatment options offered by Varicose Veins Doctors in NYC. You can schedule an appointment with a varicose vein specialist online.


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