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Eat Like You Mean It: The Local’s Guide to Day-to-Day Eating

When you’re on vacation, it’s hard to stay within a spending limit and stick to your budget. This is especially true when it comes to food because you don’t really want to eat the same things you do back home.

Food is an integral part of travel and adventure but it can end up costing you a lot more than you realize.

There are different reasons for this, including not knowing your locality well enough, not knowing cheaper options, wanting to indulge and eat out often, trying local specialties, so on and so forth.

However, to save and still enjoy all the gastronomic delights Orlando has to offer, start thinking local.

Get your produce at the farmers market

The Orlando Farmers Market is the perfect mix between a tourist adventure and a local experience. You get to mix and mingle with people from across the city, hanging out, chilling by the gorgeous Lake Eola, while local vendors bring their best wares.

Not just fruits and vegetables, you’ll find all sorts of knick-knacks like jewelry, souvenirs, hand-crafted trinkets, as well as varieties of condiments, jams, and so much more. Perfect for a relaxed, lazy Sunday, you can shop for delicious food and memorabilia, having fun and supporting local sellers.

Feed the soul with Orlando soul food

Orlando is famous for its soul food, which includes some of the most incredible BBQ food you’ll ever dig into, good old fashioned Mac’n’Cheese, ribs, and plenty more options. Most of these soul kitchens are local eateries run by local families, giving you a chance to interact with people, and enjoy food that comes with a history.

Explore local bars and restaurants

Upscale restaurants and bars are great to check out on special occasions like date nights, but they’re not a sustainable option for lengthier vacations and trips. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to indulge at all.

Instead of hitting up tourist spots and fancier restaurants, try places like Sofrito Latin Café or Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria, which give you delicious cuisines from the world over, under $20. They’re easy on the pocket and wonderful in the belly.

Cook for yourself to save more

However, there’s no better way to eat like a local than to cook for yourself. If you stay in one of Blue Travel’s fully-furnished, fully-functional vacation homes in Orlando, you can stock up groceries and cook for yourself and your family.

This doesn’t have to be a chore; you can make it into a fun activity, split the chore among each member of the group, experiment with different foods, and save big time.

Even if you’re eating one meal at home, it’ll round off to significant savings in the long-run. Try some of these quick and easy breakfast recipes to help get your day started!

Living like a local is a smart travel strategy; you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily but still, get to have a taste of the finer things. Book your luxury vacation home for that comfort and familiarity both!


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