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Ways to Stay Safe While Vacationing Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world for the present and foreseeable future. The difficult transition that the world is in the middle of has put a pause on the many plans people had.

The adjustment has been a hard one because of bans and delays in travel to limited access to certain services and products. Although some cities, states, and countries are slowly on the way to resuming normalcy, there’s still a long way to go.

For the past and next few months, travel plans might be difficult to execute, it’s crucial to hold onto the important practices and lessons the crisis taught us. This includes hygiene and safety practices that will have to become an essential part of all essential and recreational travel.

Some of these are mentioned below:

Avoiding long travel and journeys

It’s tempting to hop on the first plane to Europe or far-off places the moment’s international travel resumes, but you should know that there are chances of contracting the virus even if the situation improves.

Because there isn’t a vaccine or cure just yet, and it’s highly contagious, you never know what outbreaks look like in different places. Your safest bet is to travel close to home, exploring local cities like Orlando, FL instead.

Checking region-specific rules and outbreaks

Before you plan any travel, be sure to check local news reports, rates, affected localities, and other factors that will help you plan and stay safe.

This is crucial because not every city or state, or even country, will be on the same level of containment. If there are specific rules for producing a medical record, mandatory masks, etc. find out ahead of time so you can abide by them. It’s for your safety.

Choosing the right accommodation

If there’s one thing you need to be the most careful about, it’s where you’ll be staying. Shared accommodations such as hotels and resorts can be hazardous zones, especially if your travel group has immune suppressed individuals. Your best bet is to rent a short-term vacation rental, such as one of Blue Travel’s luxury vacation homes in Orlando.

Not only do you get the space all to yourself, but you also get homes sanitized, private, and safe—no strangers around, allowing you to safely settle in as a group. To make your reservations, contact them today.

Practice CDC and WHO guidelines

Whether the pandemic peaks or subsides, you should avoid being in crowded places for the next few months, especially without adequate protection. Choose spacious, outdoor locations, maintain appropriate social distance from strangers, wear your mask, and make your sanitizer your best friend, and wash your hands at regular intervals throughout the day.

Be sure to shower and disinfect clothing and surfaces when you return to your accommodation, ensuring everything is good to go.

Life must go on despite the unusual circumstances. People can’t be expected to stay put, but the best that we can do is own up to our role and practice every safety measure possible.


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