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5 Easy Interior Makeover Tips to Get the Wow Factor Minus the Work!

5 Easy Interior Makeover Tips to Get the Wow Factor Minus the Work!

5 Easy Interior Makeover Tips to Get the Wow Factor Minus the Work!

Who doesn’t love the thought of waking up to a gorgeous interior space that sparks joy? It’s the process of getting there that makes us want to hit the snooze button on a potential makeover.

Whether you’ve been browsing through interior design blogs or flipping through architectural design magazines, we’re sure you’re intimidated by the effort that goes into achieving a grand makeover.

And we won’t pull one over on you by pretending the process is a piece of cake! What we can do is make things much simpler for you.

We’ve rounded up five easy interior makeover tips to help you unlock the wow factor without putting in nearly the same amount of effort.

1. Re-Position Your Furnishings and Accessories

5 Easy Interior Makeover Tips to Get the Wow Factor Minus the Work!

Yes, it’s that easy.

Repositioning your furnishings and accessories is a great way to discover the sweet spot.

If you’ve been feeling uninspired and unenthused lately, it’s very likely that your interior belongings are misaligned. Switching things up can help unlock visual harmony so your space feels more engaging, enlivening, and balanced.

We love this stunning manifestation of the repositioning theory. Notice how the mirror reflects a gorgeous lighting fixture on the ceiling, which would probably go unnoticed unless someone consciously looked upwards. The mirror is cleverly angled to reflect the fixture at the average eye level.

A simple fix like this can make your space appear twice as compelling.

2. Implement the 50/150 Rule

The 50/150 rule has easily become one of the most popular interior and exterior makeover design tips.

To ensure you achieve the perfect interior color palette, mix one batch of your chosen paint color with a shade that’s 50% lighter than the base. Once you’re done, set it aside. Mix another batch of the original paint color with a shade that’s 150% darker.

What’s the point of all this?

You’ll create the perfect variation to ensure your space follows a particular color scheme without appearing dull and nondescript. The clever mélange will help you find complementary décor that helps your space come together beautifully.

3. Leverage Pale Pinks and Neutrals

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Pale pinks and neutrals are a synergistic tour de force.

The best part? It won’t take much effort to transform your space into a pastel haven.

Unleash the wow factor by decking your space out in soft hues of pink, manila, pale lemon yellow, gold, and cream.

As the most popular modern and minimalist theme of the year, a pale pink and neutral makeover will give your interior space the touch of serenity it’s been longing for all along.

We also recommend indulging in black steel windows and doors to balance the soft palette.

4. Wicker Your Space Up!

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Wicker has been the talk of the town for all the right reasons. The light, sturdy, versatile, and beautifully textured material can transform any space in an instant.

Incorporate wicker hanging chairs and furnishings into your space to boost aesthetic appeal.

Top the makeover off by indulging in glamorous iron patio doors, steel French doors, or sleek steel sliding doors that make your space appear renewed.

5. Hide (and Transform) Interior Eyesores

Whether your interior space features a less-than-appealing HCVA air duct or unattractive wiring, leaving electrical eyesores unattended can take your space from drab to disastrous.

A little damage control can go a long way in restoring the elegance and sleekness of your space. Transform interior eyesores by painting them, wrapping them in modern wallpaper, or cleverly hiding them.

It won’t take much effort (we promise) and you’ll marvel at how big of a difference it ends up making!

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