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Acing Your Online Job Interview

The unprecedented onset of the coronavirus has disrupted lives, economies, and the way businesses operate.

With everyone trying to stay indoors and practice social distancing to curb the spread of the coronavirus, more and more businesses are transitioning to a remote working model to ensure the safety of their employees.

Similarly, the recruitment process has also undergone adjustments. Even though online job interviews gained popularity in the past few years, now around 86 percent of companies in the United States have switched entirely to online interviews.

Since the stakes are higher than ever before, we’re here to help you ace your online job interview without any hiccups!

Remember, the Standard Rules Still Apply

Just because you’re getting ready for a virtual interview doesn’t mean the rules of the game have changed. Better dressers, confident speakers, and those who can answer questions smartly are still preferred over others who don’t meet the standard set of criteria.

If you’ve always worn a neutral, solid-colored shirt with a tie to all your interviews, there’s no need to switch it up with a more casual look. Not only will sticking to a professional dress code convey commitment, but it will also psychologically help you exude your interview strengths.

Eliminate Distractions

While the coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everyone, you shouldn’t expect interviewers and recruiters to cut you any slack. This means that the slightest appearance of unprofessionalism can ruin the interview for you.

Any loud thuds in the background or noises coming from the TV down the hall won’t make a good impression. As such, you should set up your equipment in a secluded room that doesn’t have any distractions to interrupt your flow. This also includes pets that might jump on your lap.

Test Your Gear

Nothing screams unprepared like your hardware or software equipment going haywire in the middle of an interview. Whether it’s your internet connection, audio, the placement of the camera, or laptop, you must test it all beforehand so you can make adequate arrangements if something isn’t working.

Try not to leave it up to the very last minute because it can affect your punctuality and won’t go well in the interviewer’s book.

Keep Your Body Language in Check

Keep Your Body Language in Check

Most of us aren’t as confident in front of a camera as we are in real life. But don’t let that weakness hold you back. You can practice in advance to ensure your body language isn’t a

wkward, too stiff, or too lax.

Try practicing in front of a mirror. Keep your hand movements to a minimum and enunciate your words to make up for any audio mishaps during the interview. You should also place your camera straight ahead so you can keep your eyes forward.


If you need more help with polishing your online interview skills, look for an expert job interview coach near you!

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