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Trend Alert: Merging Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Trend Alert: Merging Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces


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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, most of us have been spending a large majority of our time indoors. So, if you’re tired of gazing at block walls and ceilings all day, we don’t blame you.

Interior spaces that lack sufficient natural light and multiple entryways appear lackluster, mundane, and uninspiring. While you may think your furnishings or design and décor are to blame, they’re most likely non-issues in this case.

Merging indoor and outdoor living spaces is a great way to make your home appear less stuffy and insipid.

If you’re ready to reenergize and reinvigorate your space, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you can make the most of this trend in 2020.

1. Install Iron Patio Doors and Into Your Living Room

Create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces by indulging in iron patio doors.

As we settle into the second half of 2020, most residential design and décor trends have already taken shape and solidified. And while the list is long, there’s one trend that stands out: bi-fold doors.

These gorgeous portals into your home beautifully blend living spaces without compromising on accessibility, convenience, and safety. Also known as accordion doors, bi-fold doors open and close in a zigzag motion. While this appears striking, it also maximizes space and ensures seamless opening and closing.

In short, bi-fold doors are the perfect option if you’re looking into opening up your space.

2. Create a Modern and Serene Opening


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This is easily one of our favorites, and we’re sure you can tell why! The stunning opening offers a serene and tranquil view of nature.

Whether you’re having your morning coffee or indulging in grilled cheese sandwiches in the evening, you’ll get to feast your eyes on the stunning view.

Opt for high-quality low-e glass to increase energy efficiency and ensure durability, longevity, and safety. Low-e glass prevents destructive UV rays and heat from entering your space. This helps keep your home cool during hot summer months and reduce exorbitant cooling bills.

3. Fuse Indoor and Outdoor Spaces With Steel French Doors


If your home follows a modern and minimalist scheme, you’re probably looking for sleek, uncomplicated, and effortless doors.

Steel French doors beautifully fuse indoor and outdoor spaces without appearing bulky, overdone, or gaudy. Connect your living room or kitchen with your patio by installing a pair of black steel French doors that complement your interior aesthetic.

Here’s a short guide that will help you determine the best location for a French door.

4. Connect You Living Spaces With Steel Sliding Doors


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Steel sliding doors are a tour de force.

While they appear intricate and dainty, they pack a powerful punch. The strong steel framework and high-quality engineering ensure long-term functionality. And while they work well, they also look like they belong on the glossy pages of a residential design and décor magazine.

Connect your living spaces by indulging in sliding doors that help you breeze in and out with a slight touch. Their incredible aesthetic appeal will leave you engrossed for hours.

5. Let Factory-Style Steel Windows Do the Trick

While doors play a big role in integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, they’re not the only option available.

Incorporate factory-style steel windows into your space to get a hearty glimpse of nature without leaving your property. The expansive windows feature floor-to-ceiling panes that allow fresh bursts of sunlight to spill into your interior space.

If you want the option of interacting with the outdoors, pair black steel windows with affordable iron doors.

Indulge in your favorite doors by heading over to Pinky’s Iron Doors.

They offer a wide range of wrought iron doors and black steel doors. Their collection includes pocket steel doors, wrought iron entry doors, steel front doors, custom steel doors, and custom iron doors, among many others.

For more information, call 844-843-6677.


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