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How to Maintain Modern Steel Windows in California

How to Maintain Modern Steel Windows in California

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Californian homes are known for their durable, stunning, and secure exterior steel windows. Whether you take a stroll down Brentwood or screen properties in Hollywood Hills, you’ll find some of the most aesthetically appealing factory-style steel windows and awning black steel windows in the nation here.

Modern steel windows are a visual treat, but they’re also extremely low maintenance. If you recently indulged in a pair of steel windows in California, we’ve rounded up a quick guide to help you keep them in mint condition.

1. Schedule Weekly Clean-Ups

Cleaning up your steel windows is essential. However, it’s also extremely easy.

Unlike wooden or aluminum windows, steel windows don’t require aggressive cleaning. Instead of opting for a harsh solution, create your own gentle alternative.

Mix a thimbleful of a mild cleaning solution or detergent with approximately 4–5 liters of warm water. Wipe the glass and steel framework clean and you’re done!

You can also opt for a damp washcloth if your windows aren’t as heavily soiled.

2. Inspect Your Windows for Signs of Damage

Most high-quality steel windows are rust-resistant and withstand climate variations particularly well. However, there’s still a slight chance of external damage.

We suggest inspecting your windows for any signs of damage, including cracking, wearing, corrosion, or excessive condensation that may lead to decay. These signs are more common among low-quality steel windows that are manufactured using cheap alloys.

3. Oil Movable Parts of the Window

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Oiling steel windows isn’t essential but plays a significant role in prolonging functionality. We recommend oiling movable parts of the window (hinges, peg stays, etc.) every 5–6 months.

Depending on the quality of your windows, you can also opt for lubrication every 8–10 months. In some cases, you may be able to skip it altogether.

Consult your window manufacturers for the best way to proceed.

4. Avoid Reckless Usage

Are your children tugging at the window handles a little too hard? Are you applying unnecessary pressure when closing your windows?

These factors can heavily impact the overall durability of your steel windows.

Avoid reckless usage at all costs to prevent causing internal damage to your windows. Excessive pressure, slamming, and aggressive pulls can reduce the longevity of your windows.

If you’re careful, you’ll manage to retain their functionality in the long run.

5. Look Into Getting a High-Quality Replacement

In some cases, maintenance may seem like a never-ending chore. This is indicative of poor quality steel windows. If your windows are still malfunctioning or exhibiting signs of damage despite meticulous care and maintenance, you probably got the short end of the stick.

Wave low-quality windows goodbye and invest in heavy-duty, durable, and expertly engineered black steel windows.

Pinky’s Iron Doors stocks a wide range of steel windows and doors, including factory-style steel windows, modern iron doors, black steel doors, custom iron doors, and custom steel doors, among many others.

Call 844-843-6677 for more information.


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