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Never Heard Back After an Interview? Here’s What to Say in a Follow-Up Email

Never Heard Back After an Interview? Here’s What to Say in a Follow-Up Email

You thought your interview went well; you went home  excited to hear back from the company, but it’s been over  two weeks, and there’s only crickets chirping in your inbox. Now what?

There could be multiple reasons for this; one of them could be that the hiring process is simply taking longer than expected! Instead of becoming anxious and doubting your skills, one of the best ways to find out what happened is to send a follow-up email.

But don’t shoot them an angry email saying, “I’m so disappointed in your HR system!” because that’s not going to  strengthen your candidacy. Here’s a fail-proof, step-by-step process to follow instead.

Step One—The Subject Line

Now, keep in mind that HR managers get tons of emails per day, and your follow-up email needs to be attention-grabbing enough to stand out against all the noise. But don’t write “open me for a surprise!” because again, your email will likely end up in the spam folder.

The goal is to make sure they see your email as important. To accomplish this, simply reply to the last email exchanged between you and the person who facilitated your interview.

This will look like:

“Re: Interview on Monday at 9 AM”

This will get them to open it immediately because it will make it look like its part of an existing conversation.

A job candidate writing a follow-up email to a company.

Step Two—The Body of the Email

Clarity is important when you’re writing a follow-up email. Hiring managers have a ton of work to do and will likely not entertain frivolous emails, so be clear, concise, and to-the-point. Also, make sure you write in a formal, polite tone.

To open, greet them by their first name, and mention that you’re following up regarding your interview. Show and reaffirm that you are still interested in the position and you’re eager to hear about next steps.

A great tip is to keep it positive and restate your value. Also, tell them you’re excited to hear back and ask if there are any updates. End the email with a simple thank you.

Step Three—Run a Spelling and Grammar Check

Nothing is lousier than a poorly crafted , error-laden email. This not only gives off a poor impression but also makes you look incompetent for the role, plus you’ll likely never hear back again.

To make sure your email is grammatically correct, run it through a spelling and grammar checker like Grammarly, and then send it off!

Not hearing back from a company as an isolated incident can indicate the delay is on them. But if you aren’t receiving a call back after any interview, it’s a good idea to look into brushing up your interview skills.

The best way to do this is through professional interview coaching. If you’re looking for companies that can help, check out The Interview Guru. In addition to mock interview coaching, they also offer several other services. Contact their team for more information today.



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