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Why An Interview is the Most Important Part of the Hiring Process

There is always a wave of excitement that rushes over us when we receive a call for an interview. An interview call is a confirmation of the next stage of recruitment—a step closer to acquiring your dream job.

If you feel nervous and excited about your interview, then you’re not alone! After all, recruiters and hiring managers wade through hundreds of applications to shortlist candidates for interviews. But that’s not the only reason you should be ecstatic for your interview call. Here is why a job interview is perhaps the most critical part of the hiring process!

Subjective Evaluation

The moment you set foot into the hiring manager’s office, you are being evaluated. Studies show that most employers assess a candidate’s skill set, knowledge, and ability from the initial greeting.

While your resume has a very objective account of your skillset and background, an interview allows your personality to be factored into the assessment. Interviewers give employers a look into how you conduct yourself and your idea of professionalism. They evaluate whether you’re an ideal candidate to represent the company and better understand how you’ll benefit their establishment.

While many applicants may have similar or even more advanced skillsets, your personality is an individualistic trait that only you possess. Fortunately, an interview lets you present it to your prospective employer.

Deeper Dive Into Your Resume

Resume of a shortlisted candidate under review

Most resumés are either one or two pages long. There are only so many qualifications and experiences you can fit into your resumé before you run out of space! If you get a job interview call, it means the recruiter was impressed by the limited amount of information you provided, and it’s now time to expand on them!

Whatever restrictions you faced while typing down your resumé are all lifted when you walk in for an interview. You should take the opportunity to tactfully mention all your experience and skillsets when you answer questions. Many times, recruiters themselves will ask you whether there is anything not in your resumé that you would like to mention. Use that moment to highlight more ways in which you would be the right match for the company.

Highlight Your Interest

When you apply for a job, the recruiter has the upper hand. They go through your application and are limited to only what they see on paper. However, all of that changes when you meet them for an interview.

Through a job interview, you get to participate in an exchange with the recruiter. Now, it’s no longer only them making assumptions and decisions with themselves. You can use the interview as an opportunity to know more about the company and what they have to offer to you.

Many recruiters appreciate a proactive candidate who has questions to ask. It shows that you have done your research and are serious about the role that is being offered. It can also help clear any doubts you may have about the kind of work expected or even whether you can advance in your career within the company.

Interviews are a crucial step, which, if done right, could land you the job you have always wanted. Many successful candidates reach out to professional interview coaches who will prepare you with all the knowledge you need to ace the interview process.

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