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Fall 2020 Halloween Events to Look Forward to in Orlando

Many of us are still struggling to adapt to the new usual—smiling, while low key hoping for the old normal to return. However, this year is ticking by fast, and numerous holidays and events are right around the corner.

If you’re planning to travel to Orlando this fall to celebrate Halloween, you’ve made an excellent decision.

Halloween is a kick-off festival filled with countless fun events for families and friends. Though Universal Studios and Walt Disney World Orlando have canceled their major Halloween festivities because of the pandemic, you can still enjoy and make the most of this fantastic fall holiday in Orlando.

Here are three exciting Halloween events that you cannot miss out on if you’re traveling to Orlando in the next few days. Also, don’t forget to rent a vacation home in Orlando for a splendid Halloween!

Halloween at the Whimsical Walt Disney World

We’re all sad that Mickey’s Halloween Party isn’t happening this time around. But the glorious Magic Kingdom will still be adjourned with striking Halloween decorations across the theme park.

Fall trees with the mouthwatering Pumpkin-spiced Sundae Waffle, along with all the Halloween themed goodies.

Also, this year isn’t that bad after all. For the first time since Disney World opened its doors, the visitors will be allowed to enter the Magic Kingdom in their Halloween attires during regular hours.

The Haunted Road

For a memorable Halloween, visit The Haunted Road taking place in East Orlando. It is a horrific yet fun-filled drive-thru experience that will send chills down your spine.

If you’re in Orlando with your little ones, we suggest you go during the day for a not-so-scary ride through a fascinating forest. Your kids will meet their all-time favorite characters from fairy tales, along with dancing, songs, and storytelling.

If you are alone, with your special someone, or a friend, dare to drive through The Haunted Road in the night—when the actual horror prevails.

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