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3 Steel Doors to Look Out for During Holiday Sales 2020

3 Steel Doors to Look Out for During Holiday Sales 2020

It’s the festive time of the year again and that means plenty of sales for you to pick up your favorite items on discounts. If you’ve been planning to upgrade your home’s interior and exterior doors, modern and contemporary steel doors are a perfect choice. They are versatile, sturdy, require minimal maintenance and can last a lifetime. What else can you ask for? Steel doors offer great value for your money and are an excellent investment.

Here are this holiday season’s top steel doors on discount:

Steel bi-fold and accordion doors

These tightly-fitted steel outfits can provide a seamless transition between your indoors and outdoors. Once you install bi-fold and accordion doors to connect your backyard with your kitchen, there’s no turning back. These modern steel doors can enhance your home’s sleek and stylish feel, let natural light in and make your interior look spacious.

If you’re someone who likes modern space-saving outfits, the steel bi-fold and accordion doors from Pinky’s are a fantastic choice. Keep your eye on their website to find these stylish outfits at unbelievable rates.

Steel sliding doors

Are you bored with your old inswing and outswing doors? If yes, modern steel sliding doors are just the feature you want to enhance your home’s contemporary appeal. Steel sliding doors are energy-efficient, providing complete protection against harsh weather conditions and also help save a ton of space at your home.

If you want to change your home’s appearance dramatically, consider investing in these long-lasting and eye-catching outfits. Steel sliding doors are also excellent break-in deterrents. Remember thieves want to break into homes making as little noise as possible. Getting through steel sliding doors without shattering the entire glass panel is next to impossible.

Steel French doors

Steel French doors are a staple of elegant modern homes. The straight lines, clear glass panels and monotones of steel French doors talk volumes of their sophisticated and seamless design. This holiday season, consider replacing your front door with a high-quality steel French door and give your home an elegant makeover.

You can also install sturdy sidelights and transoms to enhance its functionality.

The biggest iron and steel doors discount on Pinky’s Iron Doors

Pinky’s Iron Doors is a renowned steel and iron door manufacturer that provides world-class doors at excellent rates. This festive season, they’re offering the biggest discounts on their articles like the iron French doors, wrought iron doors, double iron doors, iron patio doors, steel French doors, iron exterior doors, contemporary iron doors and modern iron doors.

Browse through their collection online to find affordable steel and iron doors at incredible discounts.





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