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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Vehicle for Every Occasion

A special event calls for a grand entry, preferably in a luxury vehicle. Fortunately, you no longer have to limit yourself to just one vehicle. Thanks to car rental services, you can now select a car depending on the type of event you are attending and how many people you wish to accommodate with yourself.

Here’s a helpful guide to help you choose the perfect vehicle for some common occasions.

1. Wedding

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A wedding ceremony is celebrated by many for the union of two married people, and nothing says wedding like a stretched limousine does. They’re classy and make heads turn everywhere; who doesn’t want that kind of attention on their wedding day?!

They also make for a great prop during the photography session.

An equally special occasion could be a birthday. If you want to throw your little one a party for their sweet sixteen to dazzle their way into their party, book them a limousine.

1. Bachelorette

A bachelorette is the most crucial reunion that signifies the end of the bachelor’s life. It’s a chance to get together with all your friends and a party that big needs a party bus so all of you can ride together.

You can accommodate your bridesmaids and closest friends in one vehicle. This works just as well for prom without breaking the bank on your budget.

2. Outdoor family gathering:

For a picnic, a wine tour, or any casual outdoor event with the family, you can opt for a smaller party bus, maybe like a sprinter bus or a shuttle van.

A rental with a driver is perfect, so no one has to worry about driving long miles, and everyone can drink carefree.

3. Corporate Event:

For a more professional ocassion, you would want to make an entry in a four-door sedan. These are the most common cars that luxury car rental services have to offer from their fleet in the United States as they are in demand by a majority of business and corporate clients.

And what better color to make an entry in than black? In Washington, the VIP Limo Seattle is an all-black car rental company that provides services for the occasions mentioned above and more such as airport and cruise transportation, red carpet services, and school runs. Our fleet includes Tesla, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, and Mercedes-Benz.

Book your getaway in our limo, van, bus, SUV, or town car.


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