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The Rules Of Fast And Abstinence This Lent

Lent is the season of preparation, preparation of the coming of our Lord. These 40 days are to be spent in solemn prayers, asking for forgiveness, forgiving others, and almsgiving. Lent is a beautiful time to rediscover yourself. You spend more time with God, helping you realize what’s truly important in life.

A major part of Lent is fasting and abstinence. Here are some rules for Lent:

Abstain from meat

Abstinence is the act of doing without. As a general rule, Christians abstain from consuming meat on all Fridays of Lent (including Good Friday) and Ash Wednesday too. This rule is generally applied to people 14 and above. Other than abstaining from meat, we are also expected to help the needy, and spend time in self-reflection. The purpose of this abstinence is to allow us to refocus on spiritual things, helping us follow in Christ’s footsteps.

Other than giving up meat on certain days of the week, many people give up an indulgence for Lent too. This isn’t necessary, but it’s an optional or additional step you can take. People give up their favorite food, cut down on screen time, etc. Abstinence is a great way of introducing the concept of Lent to children.

Ash for Ash Wednesday.

Fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday

Adults over 18 and below 60 are meant to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday as well. The concept of fasting is to help us make do with less. Fasting, according to the Church means having one full meal, and two small meals that are sufficient to maintain strength. Keep in mind that the two small meals must constitute less than a full meal. Liquids are allowed, but eating between meals is not encouraged.

The church does excuse certain people from these obligations, like people who are unwell, people whose job entails manual labor, pregnant women, etc. Lent is a time where we are reminded of suffering, suffering that our Lord went through so that we can celebrate his Resurrection.

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