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3 Thoughtful Gifts to Sew

sewing supplies

If you love to sew or are looking for ways to enhance your skills, there’s nothing better than using your exceptional talent to create a DIY gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s a birthday or holiday, most people tend to appreciate timeless DIY gifts than conventional presents like perfumes and watches.

Here are three thoughtful gifts you can make using high-quality custom sewing patterns.

Gift Bags

When you’re making DIY gifts for a special someone, it makes total sense to store those creations in a handmade gift bag. It’ll make the gift a lot more precious and thoughtful for your loved one. Whether you’re making DIY jewelry for your best friend or a lovely hoop earring set for your mom, a fabric gift bag is an excellent present to sew.

You can make this bag within a few minutes with simple bag-making techniques. Add a personal touch to its by embroidering braided strings or your loved one’s name. We’re sure your friend or relative will appreciate the breathtaking final product.

These bags are the perfect gifts if you’re looking to match a Christmas theme with handmade products.

red gift bags

Fabric Coasters

Running out of last-minute gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, or housewarming parties? Fabric coasters are excellent accessories that every adult will appreciate. They’re one of the most eco-friendly, gender-neutral, and aesthetically pleasing presents for everyone.

You can make fabric coasters with fabric scraps lying around your house and use them for good use by creating crafty gifts for friends and families. Embroider these coasters with sparkly fabric and zig-zag stitching techniques to make them a conversation topic at gatherings.

Flannel Blankets

Christmas is the best time to sew handmade gifts for loved ones. If you’re looking to sew a handy gift that your loved ones are likely to use throughout the year, you should sew a flannel blanket. These are the perfect gifts to keep your friends and family members cozy during the harsh winter nights.

Use numerous flannel patterns to sew flannel throw blankets. Choosing cheery patterns and trims for these blankets will make them look impeccable even when they’re not in use.


a gift with sewing supplies

There’s are endless options to explore when you have the right sewing skills and high-quality sewing supplies at hand. You can now buy custom sewing supplies online at The Golden Rule. It’s a trusted sewing template store, offering sewing pattern sets and made-to-measure sewing supplies to help you craft the perfect gifts for friends and family this year. Check out all their products by visiting their website today!


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