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A woman experiencing flu-like symptoms after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine

4 Things to Know After Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine

With the Covid-19 vaccination rollout, many are wondering what it’s like to get the vaccine. There is a lot of skepticism around immunization already but learning about what to typically expect after you’ve gotten the vaccine can make the process much easier. Here are the four things you should expect after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine:

Flu-Like Symptoms

After getting the vaccine, you should expect flu-like symptoms. If you’re under the age of 55, you might experience a mild to moderate fever, headache, fatigue, or muscle aches. These symptoms should clear away in a few days.

Stronger Side-effects After Second Dose

After you’ve got the first dose of the vaccine, it is highly crucial to get the second dose, too, if that is the standard procedure for the type of vaccine you’ve chosen to get; otherwise, the first dose will go to waste. The side effects you’ll likely see after getting the second dose will be stronger than after the first one. This condition is pretty normal and should clear away within a few days.

A woman wearing a face mask while out in public

Women Are More Likely to Experience These Symptoms

If you’re a woman, you’re more likely to experience flu-like symptoms after getting the vaccine. A study has shown that many of the reports of feverish symptoms were made by female patients. This isn’t something you should be worried about, as stronger symptoms in women are an indicator of higher antibody production. This means your immune system is more protected and efficient later on.

How to Stay Safe After Getting The Vaccine

You should still follow Covid-19 SOPs even if you’ve received the vaccine. This includes wearing a mask in public spaces, practicing social distancing, and sanitizing your hands after touching surfaces. It’s also best if you spend the time resting after receiving the vaccine so you’re able to recover from the side effects more quickly.

In order to get the vaccine, you first need to be eligible for it. This can be done if you’re in the age group for which the vaccine has been approved or if you have an underlying medical condition that deems you eligible for receiving the vaccine.

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