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7 Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

If you aim to cook healthier at home as part of your weight loss efforts, setting yourself up for success is important. But is it possible without an arsenal of fresh, healthy recipes to whip up? Probably not.

Yes, the thought of putting together something flavorful and nutritious may seem like a torturous proposition, but once you have some healthy recipes in handy, your food game is going to improve. Plus, you’ll be able to resist the temptation of ordering something online if you already have a weight loss-friendly, scrumptious meal prepped and ready to be eaten.

Let’s look at seven healthy recipes to add to your personalized fitness plan to lose weight.

1. Chicken with fried rice

Relying on considerably less rice, several fresh vegetables, and some oil to add some crispness, this recipe turns fried rice on its head, giving you a calorie-filled meal.

2. Crispy chipotle shrimp quesadilla

Now, don’t hit us up with, “oh, but quesadilla is quite cheesy!” Yes, it is, but the shattering crust of the tortilla teamed with the abundance of caramelized vegetables, and spicy shrimp can cut fat while maintaining a delicious flavor.

3. Black bean omeleta healthy food as part of a calisthenics meal plan

If you don’t like shelling out your hard-earned money on a costly gut bomb, try a black bean omelet. It’s cheaper, healthier, and cooks within minutes.

4. Pot shrimp and broccoli

Want to whip up something on a busy weeknight? Try this recipe. Serve it on cauliflower rice to keep the carbs down, and you’ll have something you won’t mind eating every day of the week.

5. Spicy grilled calamari salad

What do you adore in an appetizer? A bit of spice, tomatoes, and crunch from peanuts, right? This recipe has it all. But beware, you might end up boycotting all the fried stuff after eating this!

6. Cinnamon apples with oatmeal pancakes

Thanks to wheat flour and oats, the pancakes get a protein and fiber boost, stabilizing your blood sugar levels as a stream of carbs greets your body.

7. Sun-dried tomato aioli with a chicken burger

In this recipe, we reinvent the chicken burger. Use a lean grind of meat and an astonishingly low-calorie but tremendously flavorful, spiked mayo to get a healthy burger you can indulge in without a second thought.

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