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Nurses talking to each other on the stairs

How Can Modern Tech Help Me Pass My OSCE Exam?

Nurses talking to each other on the stairs

The OSCE exam is one of the many steps international nurses have to take before they can practice in Canada. It’s an intimidating test because it’s a practical one, but with our team’s help at Modern Tech Nursing, you can ace it!

What is the OSCE Exam?

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is one component of the IENCAP, or the Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program, administered by The Touchstone Institute and the College of Nurses Ontario (CNO). Let’s break down what this means a little bit.

The CNO is the regulatory nursing body in Ontario. As such, it’s the organization that’s responsible for sending in your eligibility report to the NCSBN, which is the organization that takes the NCLEX-RN and PN exams. All nurses need to take these exams, but internationally educated nurses need to be vetted by the CNO before they are considered eligible.

That’s why the CNO requires that internationally educated nurses take the IENCAP, which was developed by The Touchstone Institute. The IENCAP consists of a written multiple-choice exam and the OSCE, which assesses how well nurses are able to perform in a clinical capacity.

During the OSCE, candidates move from station to station and will be required to interact with actors who are playing patients with different illnesses and injuries. You will be required to complete the task assigned within the given time, after which an examiner will ask some questions about the task you were asked to perform.

A person studying with a pen, notebook, and textbook. How the Modern Tech Nursing Review Center Can Prepare You

All of this sounds intimidating, but if you know what you’re doing and are prepared for the exam, you should be okay. The key is to ensure you’re completely ready for the OSCE nursing exam in Ontario. Here’s how the team at Modern Tech Nursing can help you out.

Students listening to a lecture in class. Lecture-Based Learning

At Modern Tech Nursing Review, the instructors provide 8 class lectures that are spaced out through 1-2 months. The class lectures will be taught by an experienced instructor who will ensure you’re updated on every last detail that the examiners for the OSCE will require you to know.

This way, your basics are reinforced, and no gap in knowledge remains.

Individual Coaching and Consultations

You will also get some one-on-one time with Priya Basil, Modern Tech Nursing’s founder. Priya works with candidates individually as a coach and mentor to help them understand their unique weaknesses and how to improve them.

This is the ideal opportunity for you to work through the issues you’ve been having, even if they’re not related to nursing knowledge. Priya is a pro at assisting candidates with their exam anxiety and nervousness.

Hands-On Station Practice

One of the most important parts of preparing for the OSCE is knowing how to maneuver through the stations as you progress. Practice makes you perfect, which is why you should make sure to work hard during your hands-on training.

This will help you stay confident and reassured during the exam.

Why You Need a Nursing Review Center’s Help

You may be wondering why you need to visit a nursing review center at all when you’ve already undergone the education you needed to. What you need to remember is that all standardized tests require dedicated preparation and practice. If you haven’t taken the CNO OSCE before, you may not perform as well as you could with a little help.

Here are three ways that the team at Modern Tech Nursing can prepare you for the OSCE.

Nurses and a doctor discussing a case. Developing Baseline Comparisons

Sometimes when candidates prepare for standardized tests, they may think they’re doing well when they really aren’t. It’s essential that you learn what is expected of you during the exam and how other students are performing to be sure that you’re on the right track.

Our team and the other students at Modern Tech Nursing can ensure that you’re grounded and know exactly how to behave during the OSCE.

Ensuring Disciplined Preparation

Some people have difficulty sitting down to study, which means that the level of focus and dedication they’re supposed to be giving to their OSCE prep just isn’t there. To ensure that you carve out some time to study, you should enroll in a review course so that you will be forced to focus on prep.

Receiving Motivation & Encouragement

Studying alone can feel isolating for some people, especially when there’s nobody there to motivate them when they’re doing a good job. At Modern Tech Nursing, the team teaches and encourages their students in a balanced manner so that they know that they’re doing great.

Keep your morale up and organize your OSCE preparation with help from Modern Tech Nursing in Ontario so that you can meet the NCLEX Canada requirements with ease. The founder Priya Basil takes a special interest in all the nursing students, acting as a motivational mentor for the nurses of tomorrow! Contact us today for an appointment with her.


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