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A person riding on a yellow forklift

4 Forklift Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

A person riding on a yellow forkliftOne of the essential vehicles used in daily operations in warehouses, construction sites, or manufacturing facilities is a forklift. It helps transport, load, and unload hefty items. In addition to their usefulness, they also risk the workers’ safety, causing multiple workplace injuries and accidents in Canada.

However, employers can reduce the likelihood of unpleasant incidents by arranging for safety training sessions, inspecting the equipment daily, and clearing the workplace environment.

In this article, we’ve compiled some forklift safety tips to avoid injuries.

Tip 01: Get Certified Forklift Training Course

Experts believe that employers can prevent accidents if they train workers properly to drive forklifts. Therefore, OSHA standards recommend companies get their workers trained for driving a forklift. But the ultimate decision still rests on the employer.

Getting your workers certified with a forklift training course increases their work efficiency and safety.

A person driving a yellow forklift with several boxesTip 02: Keep Your Warehouse Clean and Organized

Another way to avoid injuries while driving forklifts is to keep the vicinity of the warehouse clean and organized. The pathways should be obstruction-free. Often, drivers take sharp and erratic turns to avoid debris collision, which causes accidents and other injuries. Therefore, always keep your warehouse lanes free from debris, trash, or other obstructions.

Additionally, make sure the warehouse facility is well-lit by installing proper lighting in every nook and corner. It increases the driver’s visibility and prevents collisions.

Tip 03: Always Inspect the Forklifts before Driving

Before driving a forklift, a driver should always inspect the forklift for safety concerns. They should look for the following:

  • Potential oil leakages including fuel, engine oil, radiator lubricant, or hydraulic oil;
  • Tires’ inflation levels;
  • Connection of hydraulic hoses; and
  • Fitting of the engine belts.

Resolve any issues before using them for work.

Tip 04: Maintain Clear Visibility

Forklift operators should always keep their eyes open while driving a forklift. If the load obstructs your visibility, drive the vehicle in reverse. Make sure your vision is clear while operating the equipment. You must make eye contact with fellow drivers, use rearview mirrors, and open headlights if working in dark places, at night, or outdoors.

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